5 DIY Ideas For Your Kitchen or Bathroom That Will Make Your Neighbor Envious


5 DIY Ideas For Your Kitchen or Bathroom

That Will Make Your Neighbor Envious

Do-it-yourself renovations, or at least, additions are always fun to embark on. Improving on any space in your home creates a newness in it that’ll thrill not only visitors but for homeowners as well. While major renovations are costly and will disrupt the flow of your home life for a while, there are things you can quickly do to freshen up space.

The kitchen and restroom renovations are some of the most tedious projects. They’re also the parts of the house that sees major foot traffic, as the kitchen is traditionally considered the heart of the home and bathrooms are its capillaries. Here are some quick DIY ideas that will re-energize your kitchens and bathrooms:

  • Install a chalkboard in the kitchen

To do this, all you need to do is shop for a chalkboard, preferably black, and some colored chalks. You may opt to install it in a wall – this way, it’s more noticeable, or you can just place in on the countertop’s walls. The trick is to create beautiful art on the chalkboard, say vegetables and spices, alongside a list of where to get things.

  • Accent paints

This means you paint a part or several parts of your kitchen in a different color. Remember the 3-color rule that you can use for all rooms, one color that sets the tone, one color that supports the main color, and another one that accents the room. For example, if your current kitchen colors are red and black, you can accent some parts with white.

This way, the kitchen’s aesthetic becomes streamlined, without looking like it’s an amalgamation of colors. There’s nothing wrong about neon colors on neon colors though, so if that’s your aesthetic, go ahead. After all, it’s your kitchen. Get the right kitchen inspiration without thinking too much about it.

  • Update your towel rack

One quick way to make your bathroom feel brand new is to update your run-of-the-mill stainless steel towel rack. You can use a plank of wood, which should be previously varnished and attach hooks in it. Use a tile superglue if you intend the addition to be uninstalled after a couple of months.

Go the extra mile by installing floating shelves on top or the sides of the towel rack. You can paint them in complementary colors or just plain ones. Add in some knick-knacks like fake plants, a dehumidifier, and you’re good to go.

  • Install a magazine rack/basket in the bathroom

We all need something to do while we go so how about some light reading? Don’t throw out the old magazines you have lying around, instead collate them in a box, and choose what to feature in your magazine rack or basket. Go for the ones that talk about fashion, architecture, etc.

If you’re going the rack way of showcasing your magazines, install them lower than usual – think sitting on the throne and reaching out for one. The basket route is easier done, but you need to make sure that you’re basket is waterproof or at least resistant. Accent it with a cloth that complements the tile color for better effect.

  • Showcase some bathroom wall art

You can be creative on this one. Buy or create them, it doesn’t matter. If you have little kids, you can frame their artwork and hang it in there as well. This will go especially well on the guest bathrooms so that when your visitors see it, it becomes a conversation starter.


Decorating your kitchen and bathroom throughout the year should be something that you add to your to-do list. To make things work, you’ll need to set a budget for it. It’s the little things that matter, after all. Don’t forget: have fun redecorating your kitchens and bathrooms!

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