Understanding The Unique Features Of The Top 5 POS Systems


Point-of-Sale systems are essential tools in any retail business. There are now numerous choices available, and being cloud-based, they are affordable even for SMBs. So, which are the best systems?

The Top 5 POS System

To help you get started, here are 5 of the best POS Systems software that you can choose from:

  • AB-POS
  • Vend
  • Cybersys POS
  • Square
  • Shopify POS

The Unique Features of these systems

Each of these POS Systems is powerful, and each has distinct features.


  • AB-POS


AB-POS is an end-to-end solution that enables retailers to easily track all their retail transaction data, has powerful inventory management and is easily scalable.

Standout Features

      • This POS System does regular offsite backup of all data for fail-proof data storage and recovery.
      • Its data warehousing features ensure all vital business intelligence and analytics data are archived, making it easy to track and analyze historical data.
      • AB-POS has flexible and powerful analytical tools to help extract various deep and insightful reports that help you better understand your business.
      • There are many different plans that you can choose from, that suits your current needs and can be upgraded and scaled up as your business needs grow.


  • Vend


Vend is a popular POS system, with a rich set of features that enable smooth point-of-sale management for various types of retail businesses.

Standout Features

  • It gives you the ability to build an online presence for your business. Build an e-store and easily integrate data across online and offline channels.
  • You get the tools to manage all aspects of your retail business – inventory, customer data, orders, sales, product catalogs, and product pricing.
  • Cross channel and multi-store data integration and synchronization.
  • With its offline mode, even if you lose Internet connection, you can still record transactions. The data will be automatically updated to your backend once the connection is restored, ensuring smooth synchronization of inventory and sales data.


  • Cybersys POS


Cybersys POS is a clean and quick-to-implement solution, with an intuitive user interface. With clear-cut and up-front costs, it is a good choice even for small businesses, with costs increasing only as you add more stores.

Standout Features

      • This POS System comes with a good import/export tool. This makes it easy to transfer data from your old system, and also to share data between your business systems.
      • The multiple language support enables you to easily expand your operations across the world, presenting your store in different languages.
      • Cybersys POS enables you to easily set up different types of promotions like discounts, BOGO (Buy One Get One free) and other special offers to induce more sales.
      • Easily update and keep track of inventory even when you manage multiple stores. Setup the system to provide instant email alerts for any urgent inventory requirements.


  • Square


Square POS is powerful and flexible. You can choose the Free Square POS System and you can upgrade to the subscription plans that provide you more tools as your needs grow.

Standout Features

      • You can manage the POS system from anywhere by simply downloading the app to your mobile device and logging in to your dashboard.
      • Square has a large app marketplace that gives you access to numerous add-ons for extending the functionality of the software. You can add complex invoicing, employee management, accounting capabilities, and other features.
      • Square POS provides an analytics dashboard that lets you analyze all your data and extract various types of meaningful reports
      • With the subscription plans, you can add more stores and manage them all from a single dashboard.


  • Shopify POS


Shopify is a highly popular e-commerce solution used by more than half-a-million retail businesses worldwide. If you own a Shopify store, you get your Shopify POS app for free.

Standout Features

  • Download the Shopify POS app to your iPads and setup sleek POS terminals at your stores.
  • Shopify provides all the tools needed to track and update inventory in real time and manage all aspects of sales across channels from one single dashboard.
  • Tools to manage all aspects of the business –  Employee records, cash flow, inventory, sales, and customer data. Sync customer data across online and offline channels.
  • Shopify provides a great shop builder and a powerful e-commerce engine that lets you build your e-store in minutes.
  • Shopify facilitates easy integration with more than a hundred payment gateways.  Accept any type of card – swipe, chip or tap.
  • The huge app marketplace for Shopify provides you with a range of choices to extend the already powerful POS and e-commerce solution. Easily integrate with your other business solutions like ERP, accounting, and also add more features to your POS system.

When it comes to choosing a POS System, each business has its own unique needs. Examine your options and pick the solution that best fits your needs.

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