Steps Involved in Product Photo Retouching for Perfect Images


When a photo of a product is taken in a studio or real-life setting, the results are not final. It has to undergo a post-production process called product photo retouching. This is an editing process of optimizing and enhancing product images to make them ready for use in digital marketing.

The process involves a lot of steps that can be done by one or many people depending on the photography company’s operations. This article will highlight important steps of product photo retouching that produce professional images like those from Squareshot.

Background Correction and Editing as Part of Product Photo Retouching

Have you seen product images with a white or black background? This is usually an edited photo intended to suit digital marketing needs. Sometimes, the product photo retouching is done to add a themed background to promote a certain theme.

This process is carefully completed by a professional photography editor using professional tools and applications. If this is what you want for your product photos, just discuss it with the photographer when picking a package.

Imperfection Correction and Removal

Sometimes, it is possible to remove imperfections on product photos, while others can only be corrected. This is a popular product photo retouching process carried out after the photos have been shot. Common imperfections that are removed include dust, scratches, chips, and even positioning issues.

Fortunately, there are capable professional tools that can do this work, especially in the hands of a professional editor. When the imperfections are being corrected or removed, inspect the photos thoroughly to ensure they are perfect.

Color Correction and Editing

Another important product photo retouching step is the correction of color. Many factors affect the color quality of the images taken during the photoshoot including the lighting and the quality of the cameras.

However, any issues can be corrected during the post-production editing. Professionals use tools and apps that adjust the color and saturation to make it rich or light. There has to be a perfect balance to make the photos real and professional in readiness for digital marketing or ecommerce websites.

Light and Exposure Adjustment

Again, the experts will need to adjust the light and exposure to tweak the contrast and highlight various details. The same tools that are used to adjust the color can do this product photo retouching perfectly.

Even though the experts may have their opinions on how images should be lit and highlighted, it is good to take a keen look at the images and give your input.

Cropping and Resizing During Product Photo Retouching

The last important step is to crop the photos and resize them. Cropping means removing the unwanted parts to highlight the details of the remaining parts, while resizing may involve shrinking the images to suit various purposes.

Most images that are used on websites are shrunk and converted into various formats, while others are cropped. Ensure that the final photos are perfect and ready for use.


The photography company may recommend other product photo retouching steps, but these are the most popular that your product photos will go through. Make certain that all important editing is done including the addition of special effects if there is a need. With all these processes, you will have perfect images for your digital marketing or ecommerce.


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