Things To Consider Before Designing A Modular Kitchen


The kitchen is the essential part of every home; no home is home without a kitchen. In the kitchen, we not only make food but also make lifelong memories, a well-designed kitchen saves time and energy and remains a delight to the eyes.

Designing a kitchen is not a herculean task but a few mistakes while designing a kitchen can make your experience worse. A kitchen has various components and, each component serves its own function before designing a kitchen we should understand these components then only we can design a fully functional modular kitchen.

Types of kitchens

based on the shape there are mainly six types of kitchens i.e., U-shaped kitchen, peninsular kitchen, one wall kitchen, l-shaped kitchen, galley kitchen and island kitchen.

It is not that one particular type of kitchen is the ideal type, each type is good but, you have to choose the best amongst the all according to your need and space. You should select your type of kitchen according to the space you have, if you have compact space then one wall kitchen will serve the purpose, for a bigger space island kitchen will be a better option.

What to consider when designing a kitchen

  • Layout

The first and foremost step is to create a blueprint of the kitchen, budget interior designers also make a rough layout of the kitchen which will guide you in every step of designing. In the layout, draw the exact position of the countertop, chimney, burner and other appliances. The layout will decide the functionality and entire design of the kitchen so make sure to make it according to your need.

  • Storage

It is also essential that the kitchen has adequate storage. Interior designers in Hyderabad says, desirable kitchen without adequate storage is not a desirable kitchen. Plan a proper storage facility in your kitchen, a proper place to store your grains, food items, kitchen equipment and utensils choose kitchen baskets to increase your storage and make cabinet and wall shelves to increase your storage capacity. Good modular kitchens are functional, have adequate storage, and are attractively designed.

  • flooring

Another essential element of the kitchen is flooring, choose your kitchen flooring wisely. You have lots of options to choose from i.e., tiles, marbles, granites and floor carpets. It is considered a good idea to have a light-coloured floor in the kitchen area as it helps you move quickly and helps you clean spills more easily. It is pertinent to mention here that the colour of the countertop also plays a vital role in enhancing the design of the kitchen so, choose it very wisely.

  • ventilation and light

The important aspect on which many people don’t lay much emphasis in kitchen design is ventilation and light. Good lighting will improve the ambience of your kitchen, it is preferable to have a natural source of light in the kitchen. It is easier to work in a well-lit kitchen. 

Cross ventilation in the kitchen is essential because curries and oily foods are prepared in Indian kitchens, so proper exhaust facilities are needed. Without proper ventilation, a number of problems can arise, and the kitchen will not function properly.


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