5 Surefire Tips to Write an Excellent Essay


5 Surefire Tips to Write an Excellent Essay

Writing an essay is one of the hardest things to do because nearly all research follows a firm set of criteria. However, remembering these fundamental principles for academic writing will enable you to produce valuable and compelling articles, even if you are under time pressure.

Although, the essay that you wrote at the last moment will rarely be as excellent as the one you spent more time with, making an effective essay swiftly is still possible. With a bit of planning and hard work, you can produce a piece that is decent in just a limited time.

Understand the Problem

You probably heard about this method a lot of times, but the fact of the topic is that failure to understand the essay problem properly is one of the most constant reasons behind a failing mark concerning academic essay writing.

Does the question ask you to evaluate something critically? Is it about compare and contrast? Analyze a certain situation? Assess the value of a specific idea?

These are merely some of the many common phrases that you can find in essay topics, and each question means a precise technical approach. For instance, you need to obtain a better understanding not only of the idea but other typical approaches as well.

You need to weigh everything against each other, emphasizing the appropriate advantages and disadvantages of each concept, and essentially, you need to come up with a detailed and trusting conclusion? Is the said theory vital? What are the flaws of the theory? How can you improve it?

Some questions will ask you to evaluate the value of a particular theory, but you do not necessarily have to go into as much significant depth. Certainly, you must still recognize alternative methods, and you need to note some benefits and drawbacks. However, the majority of your piece should emphasize the practical usefulness of the concept.

Perhaps the most suitable strategy is to find a couple of case studies that used the theory and include the outcome of the study or does the utilization of such a theory exhibit any specific strong points or shortcomings.

Essentially, the style of the question will let you know how you should write the essay. It will enable you to see where the focal point of your content should be as you gather data for analysis and write.

Stay Sharp

Academic approaches and ideal theories are rare because the majority of arguments, research, and theories have flaws.

A descriptive approach is a fine choice if you are aiming for a mere passing mark. On the other hand, if you are looking to get a higher grade, then you must show that you can leverage sharp reasoning in dealing with academic information. 

What are the specific limitations of the theory that you chose? How does the theory influence the presented arguments, and to what degree does the idea limit our knowledge about the thing you are studying? Are there other solutions that can provide additional depth?

The thing that will make your academic essay stand out is critical thinking. It displays the hallmark that you are not merely restating the arguments in your studies but engaging with the theories academically.

An effective way to exercise this is by paying close attention when reading reports in published articles because you will observe that authors do not merely summarize past studies, but provide an analysis heading to a gap for their research.

Structure and Cohesion

Writing an essay that has a clear and coherent structure will help in ensuring that your piece stays on topic and does not deviate from the answered questions. Each sentence, paragraph, and section adds significance to the case that you are presenting.

Also, you need to guarantee that all the various sections of the essay stay logical and cohesive as a whole and that the shift from one argument to another is seamless. 

Usually, students see essays as lists of cases, exhibiting one study after the other without considering if the cases fit together, which inevitably results in a lower mark.

Remember to tell the readers your reasons why you are shifting from one case to the next, why the arguments are in this specific order, and how each case helps clarify a particular perspective of what you are presenting.

Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar and punctuation are critical if you want people to take your research seriously. Before writing an academic essay, ensure that you have a stable knowledge of the fundamentals of grammar. 

Additionally, you must be knowledgeable about the proper usage of the most common punctuations. Be careful of using commas, and know when you must put a period. 

Furthermore, voice is significant in academic writing. Try practicing the use of active voice instead of passive voice whenever possible because this method will assist in making the tone of your piece stronger.

Make sure that your language is concise and short by using the word counter on google docs. Avoid using transition words that do not add anything relevant to the sentence as well as useless words that diverts from the argument.

Formulate a Proper Conclusion

The conclusion is usually one of the most neglected areas in academic writing. The conclusion is what unites all your studies together to confirm your argument. It must look like a restatement of the introduction or a copied version of the thesis itself. 

A decent conclusion swiftly outlines the essential evidence presented in the body of the essay and directly connects it to the research to explain how the evidence confirms or denies the primary argument of the research.

Weakly written conclusions can negatively influence the overall content of an excellently written essay. So, remember that the conclusion entirely critical in your academic writing.

To Conclude

Academic writing is a method that anyone can study to create, the moment they recognize the fundamentals of writing an essay. A solid essay should offer a firm, debatable argument backed by relevant evidence, whether in the form of another person’s research or other appropriate sources.

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