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Places To Visit In Goa For Couples

Goa is a sweet and affectionate place with a beautiful and significant number of attractions on the shore of the Arabian sea. Also, the best beaches in Goa for couples have contributed enough to pick up admirers from various places of the world alongside every single beaches and attraction. Such amazing excellence hushed by the ocean is a place to visit and couples come here in bulk to have most cherish able days of their life.

Goa wholeheartedly welcomes couples by orchestrating its shorelines, clubs, beachside, resorts and eateries with extreme excellence.  In any case, nowadays, couples are flooding toward these shorelines for a post-wedding photoshoot and to live out in their vacations.

Different beaches are sorting out vacation spots and attraction sites for couples for them to have a wonderful time of life. Some mesmerizing beaches in Goa are butterfly beach, agenda beach, ashwem beach, Vagator beach and so forth. The white sandy shores have an exceptional appearance on these beaches when the sun begins to set, the shorelines warmly grasp each one of the hues in the encompassing and become increasingly beautiful. It is breath-taking, to hear the mesmerizing oceans by the beautiful sunset. Love birds who visit Goa are grateful life long for their amazing experience. You can easily explore these stunning beaches by booking a taxi in Goa.

Which part of Goa is best for couples ? 

Places To Visit In Goa For Couples
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Some places to visit in Goa for couples are as follows :

Butterfly beach

The earlier unexploited shoreline is now turning into a humming place of interest in Goa. The site incorporates a little crescent that narrows on the high northern part of the arrangement and the most astonishing sight is that one can spot a large cluster of butterflies flying over the peak blooms. The brilliant sand against the warm blue water makes postcard ideal area with palm trees and scores of butterflies. This terrific shoreline is a notable site to detect some energetic dolphins, crabs and goldfish. Here at the butterfly beach, you will have a chance to watch a dazzling and the most pretty sunset you could come across in your life.

  • Water sports : boat riding, canoe riding
  • Nightlife : This shoreline isn’t packed and there aren’t quite a bit of human foundations here. anyway, there are regularly rave gatherings composed at the butterfly beach.
  • Area : butterfly beach, south to Vasco city,

Instructions to reach from Panjim: As there is no entrance to this shoreline via street as it arranged amid substantial woodlands. On the off chance that you wish to arrive at butterfly shoreline, you may procure a taxi up to the Palolem shoreline from Panjim. From the Palolem shoreline, short vessel ride will get you to the butterfly island.

Sinquerim Beach

The shining Sinquerim shoreline is an astounding shoreline that has a breath-taking stretch out of the sand. It is arranged at the north of the outstanding shorelines like Baga, Calangute and Candolim. It is an ideal spot for swimming and one should not miss heading off to this shoreline when travelling in Goa to appreciate the shoreline exercises. The shoreline is for the most part prominent among upmarket visitors and you will discover mind-blowing clubs in Goa here. Several music fests are additionally occurring here. aside from various cafés that satisfy your craving with nourishment, Sinquerim shoreline is additionally known to satisfy your hunger for experience with various water sports.

  • Water sports : windsurfing, stream skiing, water skiing, dolphin locating, paragliding and scuba plunging
  • Nightlife : sing, love enthusiasm karma
  • Area : Sinquerim shoreline, north Goa good ways from Panjim: it is situated a ways off of 14.1 km from Panjim.

The most effective method to reach from Panjim: There are successive transports accessible from Panjim. private vehicle, for example, taxis, auto-rickshaws are additionally accessible as a method of transportation.

Vagator Beach

Vagator shoreline is probably the best shorelines in Goa which give a healthy venture offering everything like touring, water sports, shopping and serenity. The shoreline is generally well known among westerners and a lasting habitation for huge numbers of them. Vagator shoreline is the spot that captivates individuals everything being equal. This beguiling shoreline is the ideal goal to welcome the organization of sand, sun and ocean. The dusks are especially lovely seen from the Vagator shoreline. It is additionally very acclaimed and prominent shoreline in north Goa. Vagator resort offers plenty of shacks and cafés where you can take a bite and attempt the superb mouth-watering dishes of neighbourhood food. The nearby workmanship, music and nightlife characterize the quality of this astounding shoreline. The coastline is piled up with a few slows down who sell books, array, handiworks, knickknacks, and other nourishment things like soda pops, snacks, ocean bottom, and so on.

  • Water sports : parasailing, fly skiing, dolphin locating
  • Nightlife : Mescals, mango tree, disco valley, tin bar, the niche
  • Area: Vagator shoreline, Bardez taluka, north Goa

good ways from Panjim: The separation between Vagator shoreline and Panjim is around 20 kilometres. The most effective method to reach from Panjim: Vagator shoreline is associated with Panjim through Mapusa and Calangute. You can without much of a stretch catch a transport or drive independent from anyone else to arrive at the Vagator shoreline.

Arambol Beach

On the off chance that you are wishing to go through certain minutes in isolation valuing the wonders of an immaculate beach, at that point Arambol shoreline is the ideal spot to be in Goa. It is moderately unexploited by vacationers and an ideal spot for going to appreciate a day in the sun with your people. Otherwise, it’s also called harmal shoreline. The spot is a paradise for those looking for some quietness and isolation. The shoreline has a long sandy stretch out with delicate white sands. the shoreline is viewed as most loved for some long-spending explorers and furthermore has the absolute best retreats of goa. One of the well-known exercises here is dolphin locating sorted out by nearby anglers. Along the coast, sightseers can locate a couple of shops that sell garments, garbage adornments and painstaking work from goa and different pieces of the nation.

  • Water sports : Paragliding and dolphin observing.
  • Nightlife : Cookstown, Companion’s bar, blue precious stone and so on 

Travelling experience is best from Panjim as the separation between Arambol shoreline and Panjim is 35 kilometres. The most effective method to reach from Panjim to the beach is via there are transports accessible from between Panjim to arambol at regular intervals until early afternoon and like clockwork from there on and among Mapusa and arambol which takes three hours. The closest transport stand is at 2km distance from the shoreline.

Ashwem Beach

Nearly a lesser-known shoreline among vacationers, Ashwem beach is perfect for sightseers wishing to invest some alone energy at a wonderful area. Ashvem has a flawless scene known for its stones encompassing the shoreline cut by the shellfish. The view that the shoreline gives is a champion among the greatest sights anytime seen. Ashwem beach is best known for the olive ridley turtles and government has committed to a turtle shoreline here for moderating this jeopardized species. The shoreline is perfect for swimming as the flows aren’t excessively fast. Here you can likewise discover remarkable shacks made of coconut palms and bamboo which are known for their beauty. It is worth going for the ayurvedic back rubs here for a loosening up involvement. Ashwem shoreline is prominent for its life after the sun sets down.

  • Water sports : Speed vessel ride. Ashwem shoreline isn’t extremely well known for water sports in Goa.
  • Nightlife : la plage café, Shanti parlour, Bardo, blue dusk beach gathering and so on. 

Travelling distance from Panjim is estimated via driving to be29 km.  To reach Ashwem beach from Panjim you can either drive or contract a taxi to reach ashwem shoreline from Panjim.

Agonda Beach

Agonda beach is in south Goa. It is a necessary visit. 39.2 kilometres from Margao, This is an isolated stretch of sand lined by palm forests. It is an extremely calm, quiet, and pleasant shoreline with a couple of vacationers. There is a turtle focus in the north and rough outcrops in the south. Numerous shops, bistros, shoreline shacks, bars, cafés, yoga centres etc are easily located on the beach.

Aguada Fort

Fortress Aguada is an old seventeenth-century Portuguese post in north Goa. It is at the conjunction of the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea over a slope. The Portuguese developed this fortress as a safeguard against the Marathas and the Dutch. There is a profound dry channel here and a 13-meter high beacon, which was built in 1864. Numerous structures inside the fortress are still in generally excellent condition.

From Aguada, you can get magnificent perspectives on the shoreline, the Arabian Sea, Mandovi River, and even the city of Panjim, which is on the opposite side of the stream.

Chapora Fort

The Chapora Fort is in North Goa, near Vagator shoreline. The Chapora River meets the Arabian Sea here. Chapora fortress is an absolute necessity visit for the individuals who love Bollywood Hindi motion pictures. The well known Bollywood motion picture “Dil Chahta Hai” was shot here. The fortress is nearly in remnants now, however, regardless it offers staggering perspectives on the stream and the coastline.

Dudhsagar Falls

Witness the beautiful and heart-aching rage of nature, in what is one of India’s tallest and most dominant cascades. Dudhsagar Falls is 47 kilometres from Margao by the MDR52. It is situated on the Goa-Karnataka fringe. Dudhsagar Falls looks most noteworthy in the rainstorm when there is a great deal of water. It falls down for 1017 feet from a precarious mountain face. An individual can see the tumbles from a train voyage to and from Margao, or you can trek to the base of the falls. There is also a trek through the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. There is numerous Mesmerizing stuff to visit in route.

A sight of Bom Jesus

The body of St. Bom Jesus Basilica in Goa is famous because Francis Xavier is kept preserved there. One of the important tourist attractions in Goa is Jesus Basilica and it also acts like a landmark for Catholics from around the world. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Church was constructed in baroque style in 1605. The Saint’s body was brought here in 1622, and it has since then been laid in a glass mausoleum. A gallery of Modern Art in the Basilica shows this exhibit.

  • Timings: 9.00 am — 6.30 pm
  • Distance from Panjim – 12 kilometres by the NH748.

What can couples do in Goa ?

Places To Visit In Goa For Couples
Image Source : Google / Places To Visit In Goa For Couples
  • Boat for a romantic day out : Hiring a boat in the sea of the ocean is one of the most breathtaking experience. Many beaches of Goa provide boats on rent. There are cruises also present for rent. Couples can join the cruise and enjoy many different types of activities, romantic candlelight dinner, couple dance etc.
  • Couple massage and spa day : Massage along with your partner can be such a rejuvenating experience. It can help your body relax and helps in refreshing your whole approach to this outing of Goa. The couples can enjoy a deep tissue massage or a soft clean steamed massage.
  • Jungle safari : Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary which is located in Molen, Goa which is a great experience for nature lovers. People who love animals can go to the wildlife sanctuary and enjoy the natural wildlife of animals. It can be such a romantic experience and trigger many beautiful feelings among a couple.
  • Hot air balloon ride : People who love the good atmosphere and enjoy the blues of the sky can go on a hot air balloon ride. This ride can give a mesmerizing view of the beautiful beaches. This isolated space in the air can definitely provoke the saying true “ love is in the air”. There is such an enormous beautiful in this privacy that a couple can spend on the hot air balloon. Hot air balloons don’t work in bad weather. Panjim can provide hot air balloons.
  • Breakfast with dolphins : Dolphins are a symbol of love. The dolphin can show how love is expressed and can provoke some amount of affection in couples. Having a romantic breakfast in front of the beautiful view of dolphins in a sun-soaked body is one of the lovely feelings.
  • Cycling tours : It is such a romantic feeling to ride a bicycle on the beautiful roads of Goa. The roads covered with trees and such a beautiful view of oceans. Cycling gives more time to interact, to the couples and understand each other better. Couples get to spend personal time together.
  • Spend a night on the beach : Night on a beach, stargazing with your partner gives a sensation of love and relief of having each other to couples. Holding hands on the seashore, in the sand and watching the stars and moons is so romantic. Walking past the ocean tides, the waves reflecting the beauty of the moon. All of this is such a romantic experience for couples.
  • Be a part of Goa’s nightlife : The nightlife of Goa is a must attend the event. There are various DJ and other events going on in the night. The nightlife of Goa can bring to lovers together.

Is Goa good for couples ?

Goa is a prominent tourist attraction. Its beauty lies in the shore that has a touch of the Arabian sea, known for wild seaside parties, experience sports and a lot of fun activities. Aside from this, Goa is likewise viewed as a delightfully sentimental spot for couples. Numerous love bird visits Goa for vacation. Goa has a different charm from years back. Even since the time of British rule Goa has stayed one of the most mainstream vacation destinations. The British officials used to venture out to Goa with the end goal for relaxation and refreshing their minds from daily routines. Indeed, even to this date, it has not lost its appeal.

Beauty of Goa

Places To Visit In Goa For Couples
Image Source : Google / Places To Visit In Goa For Couples

Regardless of whether you need to have a ton of fun-filled gutsy occasion or a calm tranquil occasion with your partner, Goa will address every one of your issues. Loaded up with superb beaches, charming old houses of god, notable posts, water parks, and a few adventurous exercises, it is a spot known for overwhelming every person that visits the place especially the couples that feel a different kind of romantic vibe and emotions along with these beautiful views and experiences.

Goa shorelines are the most visited places by many tourists visiting India, particularly the couples. the travel industry of Goa is known for respecting their vacationers with delightfully orchestrated club exercises, water sports exercises and gatherings on the beaches.

For the most part, every one of the shorelines in Goa is fit for throwing a captivating spell on the guests. Not only for vacations but Goa is also popular for its beautiful views used widely for pre-wedding photoshoots. Despite the fact that Goa is loaded up with a few lovely beaches, the most dazzling ones are unquestionably the butterfly beach, agenda beach, Vagator beach, velsao beach, Calangute shoreline, anjuna shoreline and a couple of some more beaches.

An extraordinary experience for couples

Another extraordinary shoreline is the Sinquerim beach situated on the northern side of the famous places, for example, Baga, Calangute and Candolim. This place is famous for its extraordinary music celebrations and water sports like water skiing, stream skiing. The best thing for the couples to do here is likely an evening time walk while clasping hands. This is particularly pleasant during the full moon evenings when the twilight makes the sand look sparkling. On the Chapora river, there are a few houseboats which incorporate the main room, front room, the deck, washroom and a kitchen territory.

This beach is so peaceful and has really less number traveller’s, therefore, it’s one of the best places to spend time with your partner in a soothing environment. The couples who admire experiencing nature, visiting the Dudhsagar falls in Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary is a charming experience. It is known as probably the best place to visit for the couples, the waterfall with its milk-white water and relieving, the fantastic sound will make an enchantment spell upon you and your accomplice.

Which is the best area to stay in Goa ?

Goa is majorly divided into two parts i.e. North Goa and South Goa. This is the main question in the head of people that how to decide which side of Goa is best. The answer to this question is simple and it lies in individual choice. The north Goa is popular for all the crowded beaches which are the major tourist attractions. The south Goa is considerably calm and much more serene as it is less crowded and hence less exploited.

Once a person has a clear opinion of the part of Goa they want to explore, it is easier to decide a place. Goa is full of luxurious hotels, cheap motels and camps. Goa has everything from expensive to cheap. Prices also depend largely on the season in which Goa visit is done. The prices of stay may vary from the type and rating of the place. Mostly the budget lies between 500-7000 INR. Although one negative point here is that cheap hotels are not available online. They have to be checked in on the spot. It is better to have a location near beaches to give a wholesome experience of the place.

House for rent is also available in Goa. The cost maybe a little high for this kind of places as they give a lavish visit and sometimes also provide an individual with great seafood. The night view can be enjoyed well. House on rent also provides a sense of freedom. It is good for people who stay there for more than a few days and want to explore a larger area of the place.

Which beach is best in Goa for nightlife ?

Places To Visit In Goa For Couples
Image Source : Google / Places To Visit In Goa For Couples

Anjuna : Shiva valley and curlies are constantly a decent decision and both are alongside one another of Anjuna beach. Shiva valley gatherings are on Tuesdays and have a fee at the door. Curlies gathering is on Thursday for the most part however it’s constantly a fun spot to go chill and drink, day or night. For the Thursday party, there is a fee at the door. Somewhere else to hit up in Anjuna is Nyex beach club, where the palace club Paradiso used to exist. This beach is beautiful for the parties at night. The beaches of goa are famous for their rage parties which are not seen anywhere else.

Baga Beach : Baga beach is popular for its beautiful white sand. This beach is full of life especially in the night as it has a great service provided in the parties happening in the night time. This beach is famous for its water sports which are daring indeed. These sports include banana ride, deep-sea diving, dolphin trip, water scooter etc. The beach is famous for its sunset view. There are various nightlife clubs adding to the beauty of this place.

Calangute Beach : This beach is famous among people as “Queen of beaches”. It has a breath-taking experience of nature and beauty. This is one of the largest beach present in the North Goa. The beach is popular for its landscape and beautiful Goa culture. It is easy to spot various see animals on this beach walking freely. The beach has a beautiful sunset. The nightlife is happening. The beach has a famous club known as Cantare, Revolution Pub, club. The shore is covered with beautiful palm and coconut trees.

Candolim Beach : This beach has the best nightlife. It is a great place for making some unforgettable memories. This place has amazing festivals going on at night. One of the popular event held here is the Sunburn festival. This is the attraction for many tourists. The beach offers an amazing view. Water sport is also very popular here. It is the best place for a fun and refreshing mind.

Vagator Beach : The sunsets from this beach are a must view. This beach is famous among tourists. The Nightlife is especially mouth dropping here. There are various stalls that are set up in the night on the beach. The stalls have a presentation of beautiful books, seafood, trinkets, appetizers etc. This beach has such a nice and soothing aura. The vibe of this place is so illuminating is heart-melting.

Sinquerim Beach : This is the beach having the most amazing nightlife of all the others in Goa. All the amazing night clubs are situated in this part of Goa. The beach has beautiful markets as well. Overall it is a tourist hotspot. There are many amazing offers going on for the night clubs which will easily steal the attention of an individual. It’s a must-experience. This beach is such an unforgettable beauty. There are so many beautiful restaurants there. The beach is also popular for a quiet party. This party has no loud music as everyone has their headset on. Henceforth it is a new experience.

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