The World’s Quietest Places to Get Away From People


The sounds of the big city can drive you crazy. All this noise of cars, constant conversations of people around, planes flying overhead and the like. And even arriving at home, you still hear some noises, like कसीनो soundtracks or your family members’ conversations. Some people even like it, but there are those who would like to be in perfect silence, or at least in places where there are few people and almost no noise. Well, there are such places. 

Building 87 in Washington, D.C. 

In 2015, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, presented Building 87 to the world. Thanks to the engineers’ efforts, it was possible to achieve sound absorption so powerful that even the quietest woods are unimaginable. When the engineers performed the tests, they showed that the background noise in the room is -20.6 decibels. Yes, we were not mistaken, it is a negative value. Just for comparison, quiet breathing creates noise at 10 decibels and whispering at 30. In such a quiet room, people couldn’t hear any sounds other than what their own bodies were making.

Taak Bi Ha Cave in the Yucatan Peninsula 

If you come to Mexico, visit the Yucatan Peninsula, where there are many caves, including underwater caves. If you want a break from the noise of the cities and even the jungle, head to Taak Bi Ha Cenote near the settlement of Chan Chemuyil. Unlike other underwater caves in the region, there are no buses bringing tourists here, so there are usually few people and sometimes no one at all in Taak Bi Ha. 

According to tourists who have been in the cave, this is one of the quietest cenotes, and this is despite the fact that underwater caves themselves have almost no sounds inside. 

Haleakala Crater in Hawaii 

Haleakala is an inactive shield volcano located on the island of Maui. At the top of the volcano, there is a constant clarity and dryness in the air. Besides, the lights of major cities are not visible here, and the place seems secluded even though there are telescopes and science buildings on the crater, because it is perfect for observing space. Instruments note the noise level in the crater: only 10 decibels, which corresponds to quiet breathing. 

Landmannalaugar Valley in Iceland 

Often dubbed the “Colored Mountains”, this valley is a mountain of color because of the different kinds of rocks and chemical elements in their composition, the hills here are colored in different colors. In addition, in the valley there are many hot springs with healing mineral water. This has made the valley Landmannalaugar popular with tourists. But because it’s a huge area, you can meet other people here very rarely, and the noise level is so low that you can hear the quiet speech from a hundred meters away. 

Makgadikgadi Salt Lake in Botswana 

Makgadikgadi is a drainless depression located in South Africa that covers almost 5,000 square kilometers. Once here, you’ll think you’ve teleported to Mars or another lifeless place, so different is Makgadikgadi even from the Sahara. And here, unlike other deserts, there is virtually no flora or fauna. The only plant life, at least closer to the center of the depression, is represented by blue-green algae. Once in Makgadikgadi, you will hear virtually no sounds, as there is almost no air movement of any kind.


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