WordPress is the Best for Small Business Website


WordPress is the Best Choice for

Every Small Business Website

Small business website can be developed with the same precepts of great business websites.

Technology resources are increasingly accessible.

Content platforms like WordPress, the world leader, used by companies of all sizes, are available for free.

The WP brings together numerous advantages that make it the first choice of many companies.

Let’s find why WordPress is best choice for small business. Check out,

  • Safety

WordPress software is secured, constantly updated and requires, like any other application, a continuous process of monitoring, evolving and updating its components including plug-ins and wordpress business templates.

  • Mobile first

WordPress is becoming more mobile friendly and this is not today.

Since version 3.8, released on December 12, 2013, the administrative panel has introduced a modern and responsive design in all its fullness.

This allows the management of projects through the mobile device’s internet browser, since the screen is friendly and responsive to these devices.

So choose consulting wordpress themes that also have good responsive design.

  • Mobile applications

In addition to a responsive interface that facilitates site management through any web browser, WordPress provides an application to manage your WordPress project through iOS or Android.

  • Website, Blog and E-commerce

A single platform can be used in a mixed way to add site, blog, e-commerce and what your business model contemplates.

  • Accessibility

The WordPress administrative panel is accessible via desktop, smartphones, tablets and screen readers.

This empowers users to use the most varied types of user needs and helps prevent any limitations you may have on your ability to post your stories.

  • Content Management

Publishing texts, images, lists, tables, videos and integrating the most varied forms of rich content is possible with the native WP editor.

  • User management

Both internal and external users are managed in a single interface, with specific settings for each one that controls their permissions and possible activities within the platform.

  • Multilingual

WordPress is available in over 70 languages. This variety brings the native language platform of its users closer together and makes it easier to use for those who do not speak English.

  • Support and maintenance

WordPress-based digital projects benefit from consistent and relevant platform launches to ensure that it is always up-to-date.

Support is provided by the community through forums and events around the world or by specialized companies with solutions to ensure that WordPress is maintained efficiently.

  • Customization

WordPress aims to be invisible. The platform allows such flexibility for its customization that some projects are hardly identified as developed based on WP.

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