Why do women like men wearing jade since ancient times?


Why Do Women Like Men Wearing Jade

Since Ancient Times?

There is an old saying: “Modest gentleman, gentle as jade.” As a man, should have a good temper, magnanimous, broad-minded, good-natured, as moist as jade.

A person who easy to lose his temper will never accomplish anything in his life, and he will fail. Obviously, temper is not a good thing. This is why men in the past like to wear jade jewelry. They always remind themselves that they should be as gentle, introverted, unobtrusive and frivolous as jade.

Jade is tough, gentle, delicate and subtle. It slowly transmits a fascinating beauty from the inside to the outside. These characteristics are in great consistency with human nature. Good jade is warm in the hand in winter, it will not freeze hands; and the summer is relatively hot and does not feel warm hands, it is really good.

Of course, the reason why men wear jade is not only this one. Men wear jewelry, which is already began in ancient China, its expression is very rich in Han culture. Jade has the texture of “body like creamy, fine light and intrinsic”. It is the essence of nature and the gentleman in the beautiful stone.

Therefore, the ancient Chinese has a history of 5,000 years of civilization, but there is a 10,000-year jade culture. The ancients crafted the fine jade ingeniously, blending into the Chinese civilization and the profound oriental culture. The essence of jade stone and the aura of heaven and earth, and it is processed into various kinds of accessories, such as jade Avalokitesvara, jade Buddha, jade unicorn, jade necklace, jade bracelet, jade pendant, jade ring, etc., wear them as mascots and give people many good wishes and dreams.

People have always think wearing jade as the beauty: the emperor will embed jade beads on the crown, the nobles’ belt was trimmed with jade, and the scholar wore beautiful jade on his clothes.

In today’s society, there is no shortage of refined scholar who like it. These people have many books and cultural connotations. The reason why they choose jade ornaments is because of its unique cultural implication, elegant and subtle oriental charm, beautiful and attractive appearance, but also the health care function of jade itself.

There is still a saying in the ancient official: jade can ward off evil. If a person wearing a jade encounters a crisis, the jade will be broken first, and the disaster will be alleviated. This is called “Jade broken to protect people.”

Jade is an auspicious thing, a kind of treasure with aura. A good piece of jade can bring good luck to people, prevent self-defeating and avoid evil. There is a saying in the jade industry that “the jade will have work, the work will be intentional, and the meaning will be auspicious.”

The price of Hetian jade is much higher than gold, and its reserves are far better than gold. The evidence shows that no Confucian cultural circle government will use Hetian jade or other jade as a hard currency reserve in the national treasury, but out of the Confucian cultural circle, it even less recognized worldwide.

Jade has become the embodiment and representative of the gentleman. It is a pure thing and a synonym for Chinese traditional virtues.

The material is warm, soft and shiny. Wearing jade is like having a heart of love. Gentle gentlemen are always with you, infecting you, and your temperament will eventually change.

From the outside, you can see if there is any impurity in the inside of jade. This is the loyalty of jade and one of the essential qualities of the ancient gentleman. As the saying goes, “Drawing dragons and painting tigers is hard to understand, and knowing people are hard to them truely.” The words ” personal loyalty ” seems to be simple, but what you really want to do is not easy.

Knocking on jade will make a pleasant sound, and it can be transmitted far away, indicating that jade is wise and good at communicating with people around. This is the performance of the gentleman’s mind in the world. It is better to be indomitable than to die!

This feature of jade represents the courage of the gentleman than the ordinary man! When the jade breaks, there will be a sharp break at the edge, but when we touch it with our hands, it will not hurt us. This is different from any other substance. It shows that the gentleman is self-cleaning.

The biggest use of jade is for seals. The most famous one is Imperial Jade, and of course Imperial Jade is a “hard jade”. Because China’s gem production has been scarce since ancient times, it has not been widely popularized, and gold and silver are relatively easily influenced by the Confucian cultural circle because of their late monetary effects and the influence of gentlemen.

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