What University Course Should You Study?


What University Course Should You Study?

If a person is getting nearer to the end of their high school, they are most likely bombed with all kinds of ideas about what they should study next.

The parents of the person will say that they should pick something that will help them earn a good living like Business, Medicine or Engineering. The person artsy cousins will say them to go for something chicer and more interesting like Photography or Fine Arts’. And their friends will say to let’s go for a fun degree like studying why 1940s cardigans are back in fashion.

But the truth is the person doesn’t really know what they want to do for a good part of their life (honestly, who does?). Well, one doesn’t have to worry. They are not the only ones. According to the recent statistics from the U.S., it showed that about a third of high-school students don’t know what Bachelor’s or career they want to pursue in their future life.

The best way to face the problem of don’t know and what to do is to consider which are the Bachelor’s disciplines that are most flexible and will give the person time to decide on what’s the best professional they could train for. One can also study MBBS in Russia and choose their career in the field of medicine. Choosing MBBS in Russia is one of the best things that a person can choose. Here are some top 10 picks that a person can choose from:

  • One can Study Entrepreneurship and learn how to better organize ANY of the business

A person can obtain a degree in the field of Entrepreneurship that is always handy to have even if they are passionate about any art, music, IT or engineering because they will learn how to start and manage any of the business. If something fails or goes wrong with the person then they will have the skills to start again. And that’s the one big comforting plus for them. Furthermore, it will please the person’s parents because they can rest assured that there are always jobs in the market for such a qualification that they have obtained. 

  • One can Study Computer Sciences as everybody needs a good IT person in this World

As there’s no industry in today’s time that doesn’t use digital tools, it just starts with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Computer Science and is also one of the smart choices that a person can make. A person can then go and specialize in almost any of the other field that includes Engineering, Statistics, Art or even Archaeology which uses the increasingly graphic models and also the software to analyze the data.

  • One can Study General Engineering in order to learn how to explore their passion for making and unmaking things

Now, Engineering is not as broad as the other disciplines of the bachelor’s degree. A General Engineering degree is good for the person if they already know that they are interested in the field of Engineering, but they do not know in what type of Engineering –mechanical, electrical, automotive and so on—the person wants to specialize in.

  • One can Study Natural Sciences as it is the start for any scientific career

So, a person has an almost unnatural curiosity for any lab experiments, they like to peep at life through the microscope, and know their way around the numbers. But one can’t pinpoint the exact career that they want to have. A question may arise that should they be an atomic scientist, doctor, or brainy researcher? 

But before a person starts dissecting the matter too much, why not they just simply do a degree on the subject that they like the most now, and decide later on which career path they should take? For example, be in Biology or Chemistry, the person can always opt for the studies in the field of Medicine after their degree.

  • One can Study Languages as it becomes the link between people

Languages are of another field of study that the person just can’t go wrong with. And it is not just talking about English, which is like a lingua franca all over the world. That’s only for the people who are beginners. If the person wants to use a Bachelor’s in the field of Languages as it is a basis for other careers too, go for other languages that are in demand such as Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Nordic languages, or Arab.

A degree in the field of languages can serve the person as a basis for many other specializations that they can decide on later including Hospitality, Teaching, Translating, Business, or International Relations to name a few. 

  • One can Study Environmental Sciences as one find ways to save the planet

As the debate on climate change and environmental challenges continue in today’s world, there’s no doubt that knowledge in these field of areas is going to be very useful for the person. An undergraduate degree in the field of Environmental Sciences can pave the way to the graduate studies in Environmental Engineering or Law, for example.

  • One can study Nursing as this work to help and educate people about the health

OK, an undergraduate degree in the field of Nursing may sound very specialized and the person might be thinking that it does not belong on this list. But a person can give it a second chance.  A degree in the field of Nursing can pave the way to Human Medicine studies and can also become a doctor, but it can also be used in many other ways. 

  • One can do Legal Studies that use the law to work in any of the industries

A person doesn’t necessarily want to become a lawyer, but if the person is attracted by the legal matters. So, what can the person do? The best way that they can do is to opt for an undergraduate degree in the broader area of legal studies.

In this area, a person can focus on topics like International Law, Criminology, Justice, Business Law, etc. This is one of a great way to start a person’s career as a legal consultant – with the authorities or companies.  

  • One can Study Graphic Design and can become a modern artist

If the person loves tech and they are a bit artsy then they cannot go wrong with a Bachelor’s in the field of Graphic Design. Even if the person can’t see right now what they want to do in the long run, the graphic design certainly gives the personas many options.

Here are a few examples of what amazing things that a person could do: book and magazine illustrations, logo design, photography, game design, Photoshop and so on.

  • One can Study Media and Journalism and can become a professional speaker

If the person has a thing for words that are written or spoken then the person can start their higher education with an undergraduate degree in the field of Journalism and Media. The classes in public speaking, mass media, communication theory, and popular culture will prepare the person for a variety of careers that includes: PR, writer, news analyst, or event planning.

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