What is Virtual Reality ?


What is Virtual Reality ?


Virtual Reality is a technology which is used to create a copy of the real environment and to give user an illusion to the real world .The environment created has no physical existence.The technology was implemented in the late 90’s with the introduction to exo-skeleton(a full body wearable structure) along with Headset ,supporting VR.


The virtual environment may either follow the physics laws or may not be, but to give real world like experience to the user i.e. where user can feel the real world like motions and sensation there is a need of Haptic Systems. Haptic systems are those systems/ devices that give real sense to touch, physical movements by using vibrations, forces and motions.


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In order to interact with the computer, we use input and output devices. Similarly to interact with the Virtual environment or we can say that to support the physical presence of the user in the virtually created dimensions, special virtual reality supported devices are needed. These devices include VR-Headsets, Data Glove and other game controllers (Devices used to play games such as joystick).In order to view around the virtual world there is a need of a display. This is fulfilled by Virtual Reality Headset which is similar to goggles with screen in-front of eyes. Other interactive devices include Data Glove , a glove worn on hand which facilitates tactile sensing and fine motion control .Since these devices are wearable , therefore a user can perform motions easily in the real world which works as input to sensory devices for purposes such as tracking head , hand and body position, and then response accordingly.


The term Virtual Reality should not be confused with the Augmented Reality. In Virtual Reality there exist a non-real environment (which may or may not resembles the real world) whereas in Augmented Reality the real world that physically surrounds the user is superimposed with computer generated graphics, either on cell phone screen or by using projection system , to enhance user experience. In fact, augmented reality is considered as one of a form of Virtual Reality.


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The wide range applications of Virtual Reality includes Healthcare , Military Training , Video Gaming , Aircraft Simulations , Telecommunications , Sports  , Construction  , Fashion , Education , Entertainment and many more..

Google launched a number of applications to experience VR . Some of them are Tilt Brush (for 3D Painting), Earth VR (for exploring earth), Expeditions (for education) etc.

The hardware family includes Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift etc are some of the best VR Headsets till date.


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