What is Neural Network ?


What is Neural Networks ?


Let’s talk about Neural Networks. SO, what is exactly a Neural Network? A Neural Network or an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an information processing paradigm which is inspired by the way our biological nervous systems (such as the brain) process information i.e. how our brain manipulates all the information that it receives and converts it into commands and other useful information for the proper working of our body, which is normally too complex to understand by any machine. And similar to our brain these Neural Networks also have a number of neurons (processing elements) to process and work upon all the information that it is receiving from its environment. In other words, we can say that, it is an approach in computer science to solve complex & sophisticated problems unconventionally, that is, in a way that our brain works. And just like us humans, Neural Networks also understand things (problems) through examples, which is a key note in their working.

The Neural Networks achieve such complexity and efficiency by making its neurons work in a perfect harmony or accord to solve the problem, just like the neurons in our brain do. And since these Neural Networks mimics the working of the human brain, therefore, such networks are perfect companions for AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems. As AIs are much or less the similar concept as these Neural Networks. Making them made for each other kind of thing.

These Neural Networks also possess several advantages such as an ability to learn how to do tasks based on the data given for training or initial experience. A Neural Network can create its own representation of the information it receives during learning time. The neurons (processing elements) in these networks all work in parallel to each other. And also these have a great fault tolerance.

All these qualities make the neural networks a powerful & sophisticated tools to process information and solve the highly complex problems which are normally too difficult to solve for any human being or the traditional (or conventional) computers. As discussed before unlike the traditional computers that uses algorithmic approach to solve the problems which are specific for specific problems, these Neural Networks works in a similar way to our brain and cannot be programmed for specific problems rather they rely on the neurons for adaptive learning and ultimately solving the problem, making them much more reliable and efficient than our traditional computers.


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