What is Internet of Things ?


Internet of Things


The term ‘ Internet of Things ’ is kind of pretty self-explanatory itself, which means a number of things connected together via internet. The Internet of Things is actually a quite vast and diverse topic, spanning from simple home automation to the concept of smart-cities. So, what really is Internet of Things? What are its features? What is it like to have Internet of Things? All of these queries will be answered soon, and you will be able to understand everything (well almost everything) about this shiny new thing called Internet of Things .


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Let’s start with what is Internet of Things and how does it works ? Internet of Things is basically a network of inter-connected devices communicating with each other without any human-to-human or human-to-machine interaction. Or in other words we can that, it is a concept where a number of devices (smart device) are connected to each other via internet and they share all of their activities with each other. All of these inter-connected device are just like tiny soldiers working & communicating together to achieve a bigger goal. As stated above home automation is a good example of IoT ( Internet of Thing ) but just to understand this concept let’s consider a few more examples like smart wearables, smart lighting, connected cars and even wireless printing where we can send a request to print a specific document or picture from our cellular device from virtually anywhere and it gets printed from our printer. Users can do the Internet speed test on their Windows PC/Laptops. It is the most accurate way to check your internet connection and users can check the speed of their internet very quickly.

Another good example of ‘ IoT ’ comes from the Sci-Fi movie,” Iron Man”. Where we can clearly see that every inch of the Stark Mansion i.e. all of the devices there, are connected to each other and to Tony Stark’s personal assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. and Tony Stark can control all these devices from anywhere just but asking J.A.R.V.I.S. to do so. And moreover, all of this is possible because all of these devices (including JARVIS) are inter-connected to each other, and also because they can communicate with each other by sending & receiving data or information.

And that’s the basic concept (and pretty much everything) of ‘Internet of Things’. It is an amazing technology which enables us to expand our horizon and to take the concept of networking to literally another level. And when Internet of Things is combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence) it becomes a technological masterpiece, just a wonderful creation to look at and praise. Through Internet of Things we are taking a step closer to more comfortable living and working environment, where everything will be automated and us humans will live like Gods.


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