what is domain name ? How to Buy Domain Name ?


What is Domain Name ?

How to Buy Domain Name ?

What is domain ? This question often comes in the mind of those people who have a domain. People who think about making money by working on internet and Google Because it requires a website or blog for them and then it is very important for them to know what is domain name.  So if you also want to know what is domain name is, then read this post once completed.

What is domain ?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. For example, the domain name of the Hindi Panda Computer Dictionary is ” Hindipanda.com ” Each website has a domain name that serves as an address, which is used to access the website.

Example ,


https: (Protocol)

www: (sub domain)

google: (domain name)

Whenever you visit a website, the domain name appears in the address bar of the web browser. Some domain names are preceded by “www” (which is not part of the domain name), while others omit the “www” prefix. All domain names have a domain suffix, such as .com, .net, or .org. The domain suffix helps identify the type of website the domain name represents. For example, “.com” domain names are typically used by commercial website, while “.org” websites are often used by non-profit organizations. Some domain names end with a country code, such as “.dk” (Denmark) or “.se” (Sweden), which helps identify the location and audience of the website.

Domain names are relatively cheap to register, though they must be renewed every year or every few years. The good news is that anyone can register a domain name, so you can purchase a unique domain name for your blog or website. The bad news is that nearly all domain names with common words have already been registered. Therefore, if you want to register a custom domain name, you may need to think of a creative variation. Once you decide on a domain name and register it, the name is yours until you stop renewing it. When the renewal period expires, the domain name becomes available for others to purchase.

NOTE : When you access a website, the domain name is actually translated to an IP address, which defines the server where the website located. This translation is performed dynamically by a service called DNS.



What is domain name system (DNS)

DNS stands for Domain Name System.

The DNS is used to resolve the domain names to IP addresses. You always type Google in the browser, but you never type Google’s IP address in the browser. Why?

  • domain names are more human-friendly.
  • IP addresses can change
  • a website can have more than one IP.

So, we opt for remembering domain names instead of IP. When the browser requests for any page from any domain, the first step it has to do is resolve the domain name to its IP address. Once, it gets the IP address, it knows the physical server where the content of the website resides. It then sends an HTTP request to that server and get the required webpage in response.



So, this process of DNS resolution (domain name to IP) is called DNS resolution. And this is the service provided by DNS.

How Do Domains Work ?

After reading what is domain. Now lets understand now domains work.

Domain names work by acting as a shortcut to the server that hosts your website.

Without a domain name, anyone who wanted to visit your website would have to enter the full IP address. But the problem is that an IP address is difficult for people to memories or to include on advertising materials.

In our case, Hostinger.com is the domain name. Let us say it points IP address is The IP address points to a server, but it does not resolve the website if visitors try to use it. That is because for an IP address to resolve a website, the remote server needs to be using port 80 with a default page (i.e. index.html) stored in its web-apps directory.

As you can see, messing around with server defaults and IP addresses can be both confusing and time-consuming. That’s why the vast majority of website owners opt to use a service like Hostinger which offers bundled domain names with annual web hosting packages.

Domains can also use redirects, which essentially allow you to specify that if people visit your domain, they’re automatically forwarded to another. This can be useful for campaigns and micro sites or for forwarding people to dedicated landing pages on your main site. They can also come in useful for avoiding confusion around spellings. For example, if you visit www.fb.com, you’ll be forwarded to www.facebook.com.

Different Types of Domains

If we talk about what is domain name? so first we need to know about the types of domain names. After we know about what is domain name and different types o domain name ten we choose proper domain for our website. These are various types of Domains are –

TLD – Top Level Domain Name

Top Level Domains was started in the beginning of the internet and you take Top Level Domains name, then you can easily rank the website in google or any search engine, because people trust these domains and most people. These domains are visited by visiting the website of the same domain.

Example :

  • .Com (commercial)
  • .Net
  • .org (organization)
  • .gov (government)
  • .edu (educational) etc.

These are all Top Level Domains

CCTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

If you want to focus on a particular country, types of domains can target your website to a particular country, for that country, the domain should be taken according to that country.

Example :

  • .Gb (great britain)
  • .ca (canada)
  • .uk (united kingdom)
  • .us (united state)
  • .Au (Australia)
  • .Us (United state) etc.

Top Domains Name

If you have to take a what is domain for your website or blog then there are plenty of domain name providers. You can register your domains with some top domains providers name.

Example :

  • GoDaddy
  • Bigrock
  • Domain.com
  • Namecheap
  • Name.com

Other Domain Name Types

While the above-mentioned domain categories are the most frequent, there are other variations that you can run into.

Second Level Domains

You have probably seen these domain names before. We are talking about a domain that sits directly below a top-level domain name. We are not going to get too technical here because it is easier to show with examples, particularly when it comes to country codes.

For example, British companies occasionally use .co.uk instead of .com and it is a perfect example of a second level domain. Another second level domain is .gov.uk, which is often used by governmental institutions, and .ac.uk, which is used by academic institutions and universities.

Sub domains

Subdomains are useful because they do not require webmasters to purchase an additional domain name to create divisions within their site. Instead, they are able to create a subdomain which effectively points to a specific directory on the server. This can be super useful for campaign sites and other types of web content that should be kept separate from the main site.

For example, Facebook uses developers.facebook.com to provide specific information for web and app developers who want to use the Facebook API. Another great example is support.google.com

How to Buy Domain Name ?

After you understand about what is domain. You need to also know about How to Buy Domain Name ,

  1. First of all decide what will be your website Niche
  2. Add to your website related keyword to domain
  3. Domain should be small and easy to remember
  4. Domain Name should be easy to spelling
  5. Always choose Top Level domain
  6. Make your domain name that does not match anyone.

what is domain ? Buying a domain is very easy. But before buying domain, take care of the things mentioned above. There is a lot of website on the Internet from which you can buy domain. Just keep this in mind that her service is good.

Top Domain Name Provider List

what is domain and Top Domain Name Provider List? If you want to create your own website / blog and want to buy a domain name then you will have to register through domain name service providers, I have listed some top domain providers here, from which you can select any Can have.

  • Bigrock
  • GoDaddy
  • com
  • com
  • Namecheap
  • 1and1
  • in
  • Znetlive
  • eWeb Guru
  • iPage

Importance of Domain Name

If you talk about what is domain so we must know about Importance of Domain Name? Here is Follows –

  • On the Internet, Domain Name is the unique identity of your website.
  • Whenever a Business, Organization or Individuals wants to make a mark on the Internet, they need the Domain Name.
  • When your business has its own website, and Email Id ([email protected]), it gives your business a professional look.
  • With the help of Domain Name you can also take your business’s copyright, Trademark.
  • In Very Simple Words “Domain Name” is the Identity of your Business on Internet World.


Yes, friends, how do you feel about our post today ? Today we told you that what is domain. what is domain and many of the questions related to it the answer will also be here today.

So friends, I hope you now have a better understanding of what is domain name and how to buy a good domain. In this post, we have given you complete information about the what is domain. If you like this post, then share it with your friends.

If you still have some questions in your mind about what is domain , then you can also ask us by commenting in the comment box, our team will try to help you. If you liked our post, you can comment and share.

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