What is Augmented Reality ?


What is Augmented Reality ?


If we go through the meaning of the word “Augmented Reality”, the word “Augment” means ‘make something greater by adding to it’ and everything that surrounds us including us is ‘Reality’. Therefore, Augmented Reality is a technology in which the computer generated graphics (images), video, sound are added to the real world environment, and the resultant can be viewed either directly (live view) or indirectly.

The direct view involves the use of optical projection system (projectors), where as indirect view includes monitors, display systems worn on human body, hand held devices.

The augmentation is done in the real time after processing the inputs obtained from sensors (such as accelerometer), GPS, Camera, solid state compass and other devices. As we all know that these input devices are easily available in a device that we use daily. Any guesses?? Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s our Smart Phone. Since, most of us use Smart phone, therefore the major development in this technology is based on smart phone. Other devices include glasses (Google glass), Contact lenses (under development).

With the help of this technology we can easily give shape to our imagination. The technology allows to modify real world view by a computer, without changing it actually.

More advancement have been done in recent years in the field of Augmented Reality by adding computer vision and object recognition (technology), speech recognition, gesture recognition and many other technologies.

The object recognition and speech recognition technologies are a part of an application launched by Google. The application is used by many of us. Yes we are talking about ‘Google Translate’. Using the Translate app, you can use your phone camera to translate text in the world around you, like signs and handwritten notes.


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Augmented Reality has a wide range of application. It includes construction, military, cooking, repairing, navigation, commerce, knowledge, education, video games, medical, and navigation.

‘Augment’ is a commercial mobile app supporting this technology. It allows you to visualize 3D-models in augmented reality, integrated in real time in their actual size and environment. Let us take a situation, suppose you want to buy a sofa for your drawing room and you went to the furniture shop to purchase the same. After seeing a number of designs you found two of them to be best among all and now you are confused. How great it would be, if the furniture shop owner allows you to take both along with you to your home and then select the best one. But this never happens in real sense. Don’t worry Augment app will help you out by creating a 3D model of that sofa that looks identical to the real one without carrying the actual one along with you. Thank God for such an app.

‘Pokémon Go’ a wonderful game in which you have to collect Pokémon’s in the real world and battle with others is an example of Augmented Reality.

Also a number of AR supported smart phones and glasses are available in the market along with wide range of software’s. Try them out …


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