What Is A Sponsored Review ? You Must Know


What Is A Sponsored Review ?

We have been receiving requests from a long time to cover an article on what is a sponsored review ? Well, time maybe hard for you since the beginning but it won’t be anymore because here we are with the article just the way you wanted it to be catered. You must have come across blogs teaching you how to make money online in a month or so and this is what attracts you the most. To be true, all of these ends up coming to sponsored posts and reviews.

Sponsored Posts are however a bit different from the old technical life of getting paid on the basis of pay per click. It is way more than that. Usually for PPC type earnings, bloggers go for adsense, media.net and propeller. However, to earn the max and earn it in a shot, the best way to choose is sponsored review posts.

In simple words, sponsored review posts are the one where companies pay you for promoting them directly on your blogpost. However, it is not limited to blogpost, anyone with good number of followers over Instagram, facebook, snapchat or any other social media platform can get sponsor posts and get it done for that particular company.

In similar pattern, sponsored review work for everyone. In review you just get the positive reviews for the particular product of the company and entice your followers and viewers to buy the product for their own greater good.

Well, this is not where it ends all, there is a lot to come when we talk about sponsored posts. Getting the perfect sponsored review post for your blog or your Instagram handle is what the most difficult. Down below we will be mentioning some of the points that you must keep in mind before going for a negotiation with the sponsoring company.

How to Get the Sponsored Review Post ?

Well, there is a lot of think that you must keep in mind before negotiating and some of them will be mentioned below. Although at the end of the dance what will actually matter is your capability to value the deal perfectly without pushing the client of the edge. However, the points mentioned below will surely enhance your quality as a negotiator because the next time you will be on the field, you will have them all in mind.

Know Your Worth – The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is your worth. While negotiating with the companies, the first thing that you will face is that the companies will not be paying you the amount you are worth it. Therefore, you must go out with a particular amount set in your mind and make sure you get them deal at that price itself. Apart from it, keep in mind that you don’t overrate yourself, this may end up totally cancelling the deal and you getting nothing.

Make it a Win-Win Situation – Whenever dealing with anyone, not just as an blogger but also as an human being, we should always make sure that we deal in good faith and try to make a win-win situation for both the party. No company in this world has gone far when they end up cheating the dealing party. In the worlds of corporate, word of mouth affects a lot and once your repo is down, it will be hard AF to recover it back. This one particular point will help you go slow but long.

Know The People Around You – Being in the corporate field is always risky as it involves way more than just money. Therefore, it is always advisable to know the people like you and around you. It is always good to have people with you who are ready to stand with you when time goes against you. This can be stated just as a precaution measure for long term benefits. Every bloggers or Instagram models today make sure they have alley not just for the sake of protection against corporate games but always to increase their followings.

Plan Big – The biggest mistake every other blogger makes when comes to sponsoring is that they end up going for short term goal. What’s wrong if we make a deal for a year or two instead of just one particular post. Yes! You might have to end up giving discount or other offers to your client but at the end of the day, you will be having more money than before.

Start The Negotiation – You have a good number of followers, you create an impact on the minds of many, yet you fail to generate enough money and no one approach you for sponsored posts. Well, this is the time when you should approach different companies and ask for sponsorships. Every other company has a budget set for promotion, all you need to do is fit in that particular bar and your appearance prominent. Maybe, you were never known to the corporate people and now since you have approached, this is your chance to make the stand.

Know Your Arena – Making your arena clear is another factor that you must look into. A girl can never go around promoting some men’s product and neither can a guy go around promoting some women’s product. A blogger dealing in bikes and cars can’t keep out of his way and go into some other field just like anything. Trying to expand at times may make you end up nowhere. Therefore, hold on to your particular arena and excel in it like never before.

What is sponsored review ? Is not just what we provide you, you deserve much more than that and we make sure that you receive. However, if we missed out any of the points than ping it down in the comment section so that we can cover it all for you.

Apart from it, for any other query related to this particular post, drop it down in the comment section and we will revert you as soon as possible.

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