Welding Techniques and Technologies in Demand in Qatar


Nowadays, people from different countries are looking for jobs abroad and are thinking about moving for employment. Among employers’ offers, the most common is to look for a welder in Europe, Asia, and America. It is very popular now to work in Qatar, the country’s capital, Doha. It is not difficult to find jobs in Doha for Indian and for job seekers from other countries who want to work as welders. With professional skills, there is a great chance to get a lucrative job and a dream job. 

From this article, everyone will learn about the skills and requirements of the profession that a worker must meet to find a job as a welder abroad. Even if you are an experienced professional and confident in your skills, you may encounter certain difficulties. After all, you will be moving to a new country and adapting to new cultural and lifestyle characteristics. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with theoretical information about Qatar beforehand, as it will not be superfluous. In addition to job and salary data, study important cultural aspects that will differ from other countries, but are no less important. Especially if you want to gain respect and stay there for a long time. 

What does an electric and gas welder need to know and be able to do to work in Qatar?

Working as an electric and gas welder abroad involves some skills that the candidate must have in order to be hired. When hired, the candidate must demonstrate skills. This is tested during a trial period. However, even if you are an expert, don’t miss the opportunity to learn. If the company gives you a chance to improve your skills, take it because it can be a boost to your career. In addition, communication with other people and meeting new people in an unfamiliar country can have a positive effect.

Electric and gas welder performs manual, electric arc, plasma, and gas welding, as well as cutting parts, structures, and pipes made of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and alloys, welding on automatic machines, including those equipped with television, photoelectronic and other devices, semi-automatic welding using automatic manipulators (robots). 

Performs electric arc air planing of parts made of high-carbon alloyed and special steels and cast iron, welds structures made of metals and alloys with limited weldability, including titanium and titanium alloys, welds defects in machine parts and mechanisms, prepares seams for welding and deburrs them.

The success of a welder’s professional activity largely depends on his psycho-physiological features. Thus, people with a strong and balanced nervous system find it easier to adapt to the need to make decisions quickly and perform them immediately, which is typical for the welding process. Working abroad, the welder is required to weld seams: angle, overlap, brand bonds, end, etc.

The welder must know his duties clearly. One should only do what he or she is responsible for, not take on everything at once. Each of these categories requires the employee to know all the processes. After all, every wrong move can lead to a defect.

What requirements must a welding candidate meet? 

A welder working abroad must be no older than 55 years, have special technical education, and know local and English languages. Have work experience and, respectively, a work visa and a passport.

Before starting work in Qatar, the welder must prepare for it properly. All of the above criteria are important. After all, each company seeks to recruit only qualified welders with experience and knowledge of a foreign language. 

On the Layboard website, everyone can find a list of vacancies to analyze the conditions for this profession. Each employer determines the conditions independently, so before submitting your resume, read all the specifics. If the conditions don’t suit you, don’t waste your time or anyone else’s. Immediately adjust your filters, write down your needs, and look for suitable offers. Set aside a significant amount of time for this and be patient.

What category of welder abroad is popular today? 

The everyday industry is rapidly developing in all countries of Europe, Asia, and America. And all foreign companies need welders. This profession will be popular for decades to come. 

Popular job categories of welders abroad today: 

  • Workers who operate press-welding machines; 
  • Workers on diffusion and welding machines; 
  • Thermite welders; 
  • Gas welder; 
  • Workers at electron-beam stations.

A welder working overseas on cathode beam stations must be knowledgeable in electrical engineering, know the diagrams for turning on, turning off, and transferring to an emergency e-beam welding unit, know how to handle electromagnetic lenses, know and follow safety rules, be able to distinguish the types of joints and seams on the drawings.

A welder operating a press-welding machine must: 

  • distinguish the markings of welds on the drawings; 
  • understand the principle of operation of the equipment; 
  • Know the properties and features of all welds and joints; 
  • Know how to distinguish electrodes and be able to work with them.

The candidate should be able to perform the technical process of preparation of metals and structures with filler prior to diffusion welding. Must know the properties and characteristics of the materials that are welded together and the rules for operating the equipment.

Working abroad, a termite welder must know how to form and prepare special mixtures for working with termite welding and know what components to mix with each other. Have a perfect knowledge of how the machine to be serviced works and the principle of operation. It is obligatory to follow safety rules and to be in an outfit. 

The gas welder must understand the principle of operation of all apparatuses, types of welds, torches, and, of course, types of devices.  Must be able to read drawings and distinguish the symbols of butt joints. Know how gas welding works and know the allowable pressure in the cylinder. Must be able to properly supply gas and air in safe quantities and know how to repair equipment.


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