What Are Wayuu Bags and Why Are They Becoming a Trend ?


The Art of Weaving and Wayuu Mochila Bags

Wayuu Mochila bags are hand-woven 100% by the indigenous women of the Wayuu Tribes in La Guajira, Colombia. The art of weaving is a skill that has been passed down through the generations of Wayuu. Their special crochet technique makes every Mochila an exotic bag. It may take two to three weeks for the Wayuu to finish a mochila and each one is unique, there are no two of them! Wholesale Wayuu Bags have recently started to boom given that a new handicraft market has started to trend in major social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest.

 Wayuu bags
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Colombian Wayuu Bag Crafts Market

Although Colombia is rich in cultural wealth, handicrafts occupy an important place in this country. Indeed, Colombia stands out for its colorful and unique craft confections, but more specifically for the Mochilas made by the Wayuu people (indigenous people who live in northern Colombia, specifically the province of La Guajira, and a part from Venezuela). This tribe has its own language, the Wayuu, but also speaks Spanish (Wikipedia, 2016: online).

The true tradition of Wayuu is the perfectly crafted craft

 Wayuu bags
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After the first menses of a Wayuu girl, skilled craftswomen introduce them to Wayuu art. By weaving and crocheting, the girl embosses positive values ​​such as diligence, respect, and perfectionism. The quality of the bag testifies to their intelligence and their ability to learn.

What distinguishes a quality bag?

The Wayuu bag should be firmly woven. A loose fabric is an indication that the artisan has saved on Faden. After the experience of Alex Garcia Palmar, who comes from a family of artisans from Maicao, a loose mesh indicates that the artisan is underpaid. Loose threads or simply twisted, rather than knotted, laces also mean shorter production times. An elaborate pocket bottom indicates a higher rank of the craftswoman. The rule of thumb is the more complex and symmetrical the design, the higher the quality of the bags for girls.

 Wayuu bags
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Why are wholesale bags booming?

The global demand for handbags has revived in recent years due to the favorable economic conditions and the diverse fashion industry.

For example, sales in the handbag segment in the US alone have so far reached over the US $ 13,638 million in 2018, with an annual growth rate of around 4.5% expected for the market between 2018-2021 (CAGR 2018-2021). In terms of the total population, US consumer 2018 has spent $ 41.60 on handbags alone!

In Europe, sales of handbags alone in 2018 have so far reached over the US $ 8,490 million, with the market anticipating an annual growth rate of around 2.8% (CAGR 2018-2021). As far as the entire population is concerned, the EU consumer has so far spent $ 16.21 on handbags in 2018 alone!

A vibrant middle class, who wants to erase their taste for various designer brands, has reinforced this. Better yet, the availability of credible online shopping websites allows consumers to choose between different brands and have them shipped right on their doorstep. The $ 139 billion industry has seen sales growth in the world, with the prospect of getting better by 2021.

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A central tenet of the Wayuu people’s history is the practice of weaving patterned bags, aptly named Wayuu Mochilas.  As matriarchs of family clans, the Wayuu women have assumed leadership positions and as such all family members and the community at large look toward them for guidance in preserving the Wayuu culture. What started as a way for the Wayuu women to artfully evoke the cultural teachings and creative drawings of their ancestors, the practice of weaving multi-patterned, colored and shaped mochilas came to being.  Each bag produced by the Wayuu is meticulously threaded by hand, with no two bags having the same design. At present, Wayuu mochilas have become a significant income stream for the Wayuu people, helping them keep up with the unforgiving nature of modern-day life.

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