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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services. It allows you to watch movies, TV shows and documentaries on various devices. This requires an internet connection. Netflix is available worldwide, and if you have not tried it yet, this may be the right time to do it. You have a free trial of one month, after which you can decide if you want to pay for the service. Like any other service available on the market, Netflix has advantages and disadvantages. This is exactly what we are going to talk about here.

A number of people lead very busy lives these days and there are a number of pleasures in life that they miss out on. One of the things that always provide rest and relaxation is kicking your feet back and watching a movie. This is where Netflix comes into the picture. If you are looking to find out some other alternatives to watching movies, then you can find this here. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of Netflix.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Netflix

If you are using Netflix for the first time, you will get a one-month free trial, which is a great option. You can see how the service works, what it offers, so you can decide whether you want to continue using it and pay for the service, or if you want to cancel Netflix membership.

Benefits of Netflix

Let’s start with the benefits, and there are quite a few.

  • Simple and easy to use

We will start with the most obvious thing. Netflix is so simple to use. You have nothing to configure. If you are using Netflix on your computer, simply go to and log in. On the other hand, if you want to watch movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet, download Netflix App for Android or Netflix App for iOS. Then open the app, log in and you’re ready to go. You can browse by genre, or by name. Everything is very easy.

  • No ads

There is nothing more boring than a bunch of commercials that interrupt the movie or a TV show you watch. Netflix is ad-free. This means that when you find a movie or show you want to watch and click Play, you’ll see it without being interrupted by ads. Do not worry, this also applies to a free trial.

  • Original Program

If you enjoy watching TV shows and movies, you’ll love what Netflix has to offer. You’ll find popular video content in the library and more. Netflix has distributed a wide range of original TV shows, including “Orange is the new black” and “House of Cards”, movies and documentaries.

When you sign up for a free trial period, be sure to watch some of Netflix’s original programs. You’ll find real treasures, and maybe some of the movies or TV shows will become your favorites.

  • You can download content and watch it offline

Netflix now lets users download content and watch it offline. This is a great option, especially if you plan to go on a tour with friends or on vacation. Maybe your Internet connection will not be great, so you will not be able to watch the shows and movies streaming. Netflix has ensured that you enjoy it no matter where you are.

  • Different Membership Plans

Another benefit of Netflix is that you can choose a membership plan that is right for you. You can downgrade or update whenever you want. There are three plans: base, standard and premium. Each plan comes with different options. For example, Ultra HD is available only with the Premium Subscription Plan. The first month is free for all plans and you can cancel the membership whenever you want.

  • It’s affordable

When talking about plans, it’s fair to mention the price. Netflix is really affordable. The price of the basic package with SD resolution is $ 8, basic (HD) $ 10 and premium (HD and Ultra HD) $ 12. For example, with the premium package, you can watch simultaneously on screens 4, which makes it ideal for families.

  • Fantastic Experience

Once you try Netflix, you will come to the conclusion that it really offers a fantastic experience. If you choose the basic membership plan standard, you can watch movies and TV shows in HD or Ultra HD. You can FF and you will not have to wait until the specific part is loaded. All this with a decent internet connection. In addition, you can create a list of your favorite movies and shows. You can also explore new content.

Disadvantages of Netflix

Now let’s move on to the disadvantages of Netflix.

  • New content is not available immediately

If there is a TV show you like to watch, the last episode will not be available on Netflix right away even if its previous seasons are shown on Netflix. However, episodes of Netflix broadcasts will have their premiere there. The same goes for movies. You just have to wait for a while until the new content becomes available.

  • Outdated Library

Not only does Netflix not add the latest episodes of TV series and new movies right now, its library is pretty much obsolete. They need a lot of time to update it and add newer content. Many users are dissatisfied with this. If we compare Netflix with Amazon Prime, we can come to the conclusion that Amazon is updating its library more often than Netflix.

  • The selection depends on your location

For me, this is the biggest flaw of Netflix. If you live in the United States, the selection of movies and TV shows is great. Otherwise, you will probably be very disappointed with the offer. Thus, the content varies depending on the region in which you live. However, the content changes and you will sometimes notice new things. But, do not expect the content to change drastically, say, in a month.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of Netflix. As it offers a free trial month, be sure to try it.

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