Want a Naked Bike Under 2 Lakh? Know Your Options Here


If you are a bike enthusiast, you must have come across naked bikes that are gaining popularity in recent years. One of the reasons is because of their unique design and the ultimate sense of freedom they offer to riders. At their core, naked bikes are designed to provide riders with a pure and unadulterated riding experience, but they are not necessarily affordable for an average buyer. Naked bikes under 2 lakhs are reasonable and within reach of bike riders who want to fulfil their passion for biking within a budget. This article will explore naked bikes under 2 lakhs from KTM and why they are perfect for riders who crave freedom, speed, and an unparalleled riding experience.

What are Naked Bikes?

Naked bikes are stripped-down motorcycles that lack bodywork and fairings. They usually have an exposed engine and minimal bodywork, which gives them a raw and aggressive look. Naked bikes are known as ‘streetfighters’ due to their unique design. Naked bikes under 2 lakhs have become increasingly popular due to their affordability and agility.

Why Choose a Naked Bike?

A naked bike is an excellent pick if you are a rider who craves speed, agility, and freedom. Their unparalleled riding experience is hard to replicate with any other type of motorcycle.

  • Naked bikes under 2 lakhs are easy on your pocket and incredibly easy to manage. They are designed to be lightweight and agile.
  • The minimal bodywork implies they are more compact, making them perfect for navigating tight corners and winding roads.
  • No matter the road conditions, naked bikes have a raw approach when it comes to performance motorcycling, giving riders the ultimate freedom and fun, they crave.

The Beauty of Naked Bikes

Naked bikes are known for their unique and aggressive design. One of the most beautiful things about naked bikes is how they look in motion. The exposed engine and minimum bodywork give them a raw and powerful look that is hard to ignore. Naked bikes under 2 lakhs are highly customisable, allowing riders to personalise the bike as per the preference. From custom exhausts to unique paint jobs, there are endless possibilities when customising a naked bike.

Popular Models of Naked Bikes Under 2 Lakhs 

Here are some naked bikes under 2 lakhs that you can explore within an affordable budget – 


The KTM 200 DUKE is one of those naked bikes under 2 lakhs that packs a punch. The split-trellis frame offers excellent handling. The single-cylinder, and DOHC 199.5cc engine produces 25 PS of power at 10000 rpm and 19.3 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm, providing thrilling acceleration and unmatched speed. The bike has a liquid-cooled engine, Bosch electronic fuel injection system, 159 kg kerb weight and a halogen headlamp with LED DRLs. This naked bike under 2 lakhs, is the perfect combination of style, performance, and affordability. Know the best part? The bike is available in two different colours: Electronic Orange and Dark Silver Metallic.  

KTM 125 Duke

Another naked bike under 2 lakhs, is the KTM 125 DUKE. It is designed for city streets and beyond. It features a lightweight steel trellis frame, delivering outstanding agility and control. The 124.7cc single-cylinder engine produces 14.5 PS power at 9250 rpm and 12 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm, providing brisk acceleration and speed. The KTM 125 Duke offers liquid cooling with a radiator. 

The bike is equipped with a 300 mm disc with a radically mounted calliper in the front, and 230 mm disc with a floating calliper in the rear. Additionally, there is WP USD fork suspension in the front and WP mono-shock suspension in the rear, ensuring a comfortable riding experience. 

The sporty and stylish design is complemented by features such as an LCD digital cockpit instrument cluster, orange accents, 13.4-litre fuel tank capacity and an LED headlight. The KTM 125 Duke is one of those naked bikes under 2 lakhs that offer thrilling performance at an affordable price.

Benefits of Riding a Naked Bike 

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, and riding a naked bike takes that experience to the next level. Naked bikes offer several benefits that make them popular among riders of different skill levels. Here are some of them-

  • Improved Riding Experience

One of the biggest benefits of riding naked bikes under 2 lakhs is the improved riding experience. Unlike other motorcycles that are heavily faired and shielded from the elements, naked bikes offer a more visceral and immersive experience. You feel the wind on your face, the sound of the engine, and the road’s vibrations all at once. This connection between the bike and the road can be incredibly satisfying and addictive.

  • Agility & Manoeuvrability

Be it naked bikes under 2 lakhs or above, they are known for their agility and manoeuvrability. Naked bikes are easier to handle and more responsive to rider inputs without the heavy bodywork and fairings of other motorcycles. They can easily weave in and out of traffic, navigate tight turns, and dart through narrow gaps. This makes them ideal for city riding, where quick reflexes and agility are essential.

  • Unique Aesthetic Appeal

Naked bikes under 2 lakhs or above have a unique aesthetic appeal that sets them apart from other types of motorcycles. Their minimalist design showcases the bike’s inner workings and mechanical components. This gives them a raw and visually appealing look that attracts the riders who value form and function over flashy styling.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

The absence of extensive bodywork means there are fewer parts to maintain or replace. This can result in lower repair costs and less downtime for the bike. Additionally, the more straightforward design of naked bikes means they are easier to work on, making it easier for riders to perform their maintenance and repairs.

Final Word

Riding a naked bike is a unique experience every rider should try at least once. The improved riding experience, agility and manoeuvrability, unique aesthetic appeal, and lower maintenance costs make naked bikes popular among riders of all skill levels. If you are browsing the market for a new naked bike under 2 lakhs, KTM can be your answer. Head to KTM’s official website and check out their fantastic selection of naked bikes that are designed to perfection!


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