Get Approved as a Vocational Nurse with NCLEX-PN Test


Get Approved as a

Vocational Nurse with NCLEX-PN Test

Vocational / Practical nursing

Practical nurses or LPN’s (licensed practical nurses) play a major role in medication and treatment of patients. In fact, they bear a significant amount of responsibility in ensuring the well-being, care, and proper administration of medication to the patients. A typical LPN’s job role involves taking vital signs, take samples for testing, perform routine laboratory tests, give injections, apply dressings, apply ice packs, monitor catheters, etc.

Is it your dream career to enter the prosperous field of nursing? If you’ve already followed a state-approved practical nursing program from an institution then, it’s time to get licensed to start working.

About the NCSBN

The National Council of State of Boards of Nursing, known as (NCSBN) is a non-profit organization that provides services related to public health and safety. It also has earned a good reputation for developing nursing licensure exams across the USA and Canada. The NCSBN has produced over 4.8 million active nurses in the US and over 5.7 million candidates have taken the exams offered by NCSBN to this date. The NCLEX exams are the main series of exams administered and evaluated by the NCSBN and it comprises of two exams; the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN.


According to the rules and regulations of the states in the US if you are to work as a vocational/practical nurse you are obliged to have a license. The NCLEX-PN will validate your skills and be the benchmark that you need to surpass in order to get the approval of the NCSBN.

A thorough analysis is conducted before assigning the exam content. The exam is drafted to closely represent the needs of the clients who seek healthcare facilities and to reflect the latest rules and regulations of healthcare. To be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam you have to acquire an ATT, Authorization to Test, by applying to the relevant nursing regulatory body.

NCLEX-PN Exam overview

The NCLEX-PN exam consists of 205 questions of multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, ordered responses and/or hot spots. The maximum time that will be allocated for the exam is five hours The minimum number of questions that guarantee you a passing score is 85. All questions will be presented to you across a CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing) interface that is interactive and its technology will generate questions based on your performance during the exam. The major categories under which you will be assessed can be listed as follows:

  1. Safe and Effective care environment
  • Coordinated Care 18-24%
  • Safety and infection control 10-16%
  1. Health Promotion and Maintenance 6-12%
  2. Psychosocial integrity 9-15%
  3. Psychological integrity
  • Basic Care and Comfort 7-13%
  • Pharmacological therapies 10–16%
  • Reduction of Risk Potential 9–15%
  • Physiological Adaptation 7–13%

This is just a basic outline of the content that you should look out for but I strongly suggest you refer the latest official Test Plan available on the NCSBN website for a detailed breakdown of each and every exam topic.

Effective preparation for the NCLEX-PN

Success at any given exam depends on how well you are prepared for the exam’s content and structure. While exam pressure can have a negative effect on your performance there are some tools that can help neutralize these barriers. Below is a list of preparation techniques and practices that have helped a lot of test-takers to succeed.

  • Follow a course or use up-to-date study material to learn the exam content. You may already have had a firm background in nursing education but the exam topics that will be presented to you at the NCLEX-PN exam may not entirely lie in parallel to that knowledge, hence getting a good grasp of the content is key.
  • Refer the latest Test Plan, NCLEX tutorials, and exam candidate bulletin for key information regarding the exam and its interface. Especially the tutorials will provide you with a closer look at what the Pearson VUE exam software is like. The candidate bulletin has all the necessary guidelines, time allocations, registration procedures, and all formal details of the exam.
  • Use the simulate exam dump files by platforms like PrepAway to get a more hands-on experience on the CAT exam environment, known as the ETE Exam Simulator. This modern educational tool assists you in getting practical skills. Some of the benefits of practicing real questions under exam conditions are; reduced stress, better feedback on strengths and weakness, understanding of time allocations, accurate responses from strategies used, etc. PrepAway is mostly chosen by candidates for the free dumps that it offers for NCLEX-PN test and many others as well. They are uploaded by real exam takers, that fact testifies that they are worth using.
  • Make sure you get enough rest before the exam day. Since the NCLEX-PN is a lengthy exam you need to make sure you are physically and mentally fit on the day. Good eating habits, sleeping and exercise routines during the preparation phase can help improve your boost your concentration levels on the exam.

Being certified plays a crucial role in making your career, no matter which field you choose, be it a public health or IT. Certification testifies your skills and makes you to be a competent worker, as well as it offers you a number of benefits, such as a better salary and promotion. The NCLEX-PN exam is one that you need to pass in order to work as a practical nurse and build your career in healthcare, especially in the USA or Canada.

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