Vacation Villas – A Home Away from Home


The travel industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. Unlike in the past when people craved a 5-star experience, vacation goers now opt for a cosy, secluded and laid-back holiday and prefer to stay in a private villa instead. This upscale holiday option has become the new trend that is here to stay. There are numerous benefits of hiring villas in Alibaug that outweigh a hotel stay. If you are looking for respite from a hectic, sometimes chaotic schedule, a peaceful, serene stay at a villa may just be what you need. 

Villas are a perfect combination of luxurious elegance and a homely ambience. It combines all modern amenities and home comforts to give you the best of both worlds. Let’s look at some more advantages of staying in a private villa.

Scenic Beauty – Nothing beats experiencing gorgeous weather in a gorgeous location and staying in an exotic villa that offers all the comforts of your home. You can enjoy the golden sandy beaches, clear blue skies, and mesmerising views that will give you memories to cherish. The happiness that you feel will stay with you long after your vacation is over and you will come back refreshed and ready to tackle all challenges head-on.

Value for Money – A luxury hotel may be a good option if you are going alone, but when you are holidaying with your family, hiring a private villa will give you value for your money. These are spacious properties that can accommodate 15-20 people. The bedrooms often have spectacular views as they are far away from overcrowded cities. You can choose a villa that has the amenities that you want, for example, opt for a villa with a gym, if you are a fitness freak or a pool if you want to enjoy a late swim.

Privacy – Villas offer you the privacy that your heart desires. These properties have their land where you can stroll without bumping into other guests. Enjoy exploring the surrounding tourist spots and come back to stroll in the garden or relax by the pool and enjoy the serenity of the calm surroundings. Fitting four or more people in one bedroom with a single bathroom may not be your idea of a perfect vacation. You can settle your kids in their bedroom in a villa while you settle down with your favourite book or watch a series that you never got time to watch otherwise.

Flexibility – You don’t have to worry about the timings of the restaurant or check-in and check-out times of the hotel. You can make the itinerary that suits you and your family. After all, vacations are meant for relaxing, not worrying about missing out on breakfast or hurrying to the pool before it gets crowded. The bar and the kitchen are always open and you can munch on your favourite snack by sneaking down to the kitchen even at midnight. You can stock the kitchen with groceries, just like at home.

Comfort – Nestled among scenic locations, private villas are ideal for a vacation as they have spacious rooms, lounge area, gardens, swimming pool and all other amenities to give you the time of your life. If you have small kids, they will love the freedom to play wherever they want, without being confined to a hotel room. You can stop worrying about their whereabouts and nestle in a lounge chair to enjoy the splendid clear skies at sunrise and sunset. 

Safety–Safety is the topmost priority for everyone. Villas are equipped with all security arrangements like surveillance cameras and security guards so that you are at ease. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about social distancing during the pandemic as there are no strangers around. The premises are secured and help is available round the clock in case of any emergency.

Personalization – Most villas offer specific arrangements on request so that you have a comfortable stay. If you have infants with you, you can request feeding chairs or changing tables. You can order food or milk for the young ones whenever you want besides indulging in your favourite cuisine. These villas offer more options than a 5-star hotel or a luxury cruise.

Luxurious Facilities – Private villas have a well-equipped kitchen, spacious living areas and bedrooms to ensure a comfortable stay. The landscaped gardens surrounded by the natural surroundings will undoubtedly take your breath away.

Dedicated Staff – Most of the villas have a dedicated team comprising of a chef, villa manager and well-trained housekeeping staff that looks after the guests to the best of their ability. You can simply tell them your preferences once and relax while they take care of all your needs.

Perfect for Groups – Private villas are perfect for official group vacations too, as all the people are under one roof and can spend quality time with each other. You may not get the privacy that you require in hotels where other guests are staying as well. Your rooms may also be far from each other and the common areas may not be able to accommodate everyone at the same time as hotels can be very crowded during peak season. The villas offer you exclusivity and can be cheaper than booking so many rooms in a hotel. You can have all the get-togethers that you want and make all the noise in the world without anyone glaring at you.

Conclusion – Private villas are the latest trend in the hospitality sector  and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience during your stay. They have redefined the travel industry and brought upscale vacation options at exotic locations within reach of most travellers. With so many advantages and lovely memories that you cherish, you should choose your dream destination and look for a lovely villa that will make your vacation special. The benefits of hiring villas in Alibaug are worth considering as it is not every day that you can finalise plans for a family holiday. Explore these options for your next vacation getaway. Bon voyage!


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