Upcoming Smartphones of Samsung in 2017



Upcoming Smartphones of Samsung in 2017 :


Well everyone knows that Samsung is known for its innovation in the smartphone industry, competitive pricing, and also for releasing new devices every now and then. And as we all know that Samsung launches the successors of its ‘Galaxy Note’ and ‘Galaxy S’ devices every year so expect them to appear in any list that talks about upcoming devices by the Korean manufacturer. And since these are the flagship & most eagerly awaited devices, therefore, our main focus would be on these two devices.

So, without any further a due let’s start the list of Upcoming Smartphones of Samsung with The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 256GB. This device is expected to be released on 25th of September this year, it would cost around Rs. 79,990 (approx.). Some of its key features are Exynos 8895 processor, 6GB RAM, 6.3 inches of display and Android 7.1 Nougat Operating System. Its other variants are of 64 GB & 128 GB.

Next up is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 It is also expected to launch this September with a price point of 69,990 (approx.) approximately. It will feature Exynos 9810 processor along with 8 GB of RAM & 128 Gb internal storage. It will also feature a 6.3 inch display and will run on the latest Android Operating System; Android Oreo.

Now comes the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S 9 This device is expected to be launched a little bit later as compared to the ‘Galaxy Note’ devices but only a month i.e. 31st October. And the key features are Eynox 9 processor along with 4 GB of RAM & 64 GB internal storage, 3500 mAh battery, 6 inches of the famous Samsung display and the device will run on the Android Oreo like the ‘Note’ devices mentioned above. And it will cost around Rs. 63,990 (approx.).


Upcoming Smartphones of Samsung
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Other devices which are expected this year are ..


Samsung Galaxy J7 which will cost around Rs. 15,990 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus which will cost around Rs. 18,990 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy J5 which will cost around Rs. 12,990 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro which will cost around Rs. 9,990 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy A3 which will cost around Rs. 12,000 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy Wide 2 which will cost around Rs. 5,999 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition which will cost around Rs. 39,999 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy C8 which will cost around Rs. 24,990 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro which will cost around Rs. 19,000 (approx.),

Samsung Galaxy A7 (Rs. 15,990 approx),

Samsung Galaxy 10 (Rs. 31,990 approx),

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus (Rs. 57,999 approx),

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus (Rs. 11,100 approx),

Upcoming Smartphones of Samsung in 2018 :


Samsung Galaxy A5 (Rs. 26,990 approx)

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (Rs. 9,599 approx),

Samsung Galaxy C9 (Rs. 30,000 approx),

Samsung Galaxy J3 (Rs. 11,999 approx),

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Rs. 64,999 approx),

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro (Rs. 24,999 approx),

Samsung Galaxy On5 (Rs. 15,999 approx),

Samsung Galaxy Stellar 2 (Rs. 9,990 approx),

Samsung Galaxy C7 (Rs. 25,999 approx.),

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (Rs. 6,999 approx).


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