Touring the Modern Middle East


The urban and modern Middle East is growing as a destination for tourism from around the world. While they, like people around the world, continue to hold on to their unique traditions, the Middle East is also a dynamic and changing region. Here are some of the reasons for this renewed growth and how to make the most of this exciting time!  

Making Debuts in the Sports World

The whole world has turned to the Middle East recently, as the region is attracting some of the world’s largest sports competitions, and even some of the smaller ones too. These events have sparked interest in traveling to the Middle East. They have also motivated the construction of modern infrastructure for transportation, shows, and lodging. 

Let’s start with the biggest example: the FIFA World Cup 2022 was held in Qatar. This is the first time this major sports tournament has been held in the Middle East, and the construction efforts leading up to it made news. They developed technology to be able to air condition open stadiums, all while keeping the carbon footprint down. 

A sports tournament with fewer global viewers is the World Padel Championship. Padel is a game that is similar to tennis–it has a central net and two players on each side. However, in padel, the most notable difference is that the court is enclosed by walls that the players can use during play. The World Padel Championship has been held every two years since 1992. The last two editions were held in Qatar and Dubai, marking the first times it has been held in the Middle East as well. 

As you travel around the Middle East, you are likely to see signs of these construction projects. Making a tour of some of the new stadiums or the other amenities produced for these events could be a fascinating look at where the world of sports and the Middle East are headed. 

The Internet in the Middle East

The Middle East is more and more connected everyday to the Internet. It is important to know how the internet will work before you arrive, so you can still visit your favorite types of sites while on your trip, whether for business or leisure. Check out guides to find the best sites for you to keep up with your favorite hobbies.

For example, if you enjoy sports betting, check out this guide to the best Arabic sports betting sites. Based on their research into betting laws in each country, they recommend the very best sports betting sites in the Middle East and North Africa. They show you how to sign up and claim a bonus, so you can get started as easily as possible. Depending on where you are traveling, you can find the best sports betting sites in each country, such as Kuwait or Iran. 

Skyscrapers Galore

When you think of the Modern Middle East, increasingly you think of skyscrapers. After all, this is the region where some of the tallest buildings in the world are located.

As you travel through the Modern Middle East, you’ll see skyscrapers everywhere. You’ll want to travel through Dubai. Dubai is one of the most developed and rapidly growing cities in the region, and it’s home to many skyscrapers. These skyscrapers are a testament to Dubai’s economic success, and they’re also a sign of the city’s growing importance. Dubai is known for its luxury hotels, shopping, and entertainment options, and its skyscrapers are a major part of that. In Dubai, you can visit the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building measuring 828 meters or 2,717 feet. 

In Abu Dhabi, you’ll find the Burj Mohammed bin Rashid (World Trade Center Abu Dhabi). Also, as part of the Abu Dhabi 20230 plan, they will be building even more skyscrapers. So keep your eyes peeled for buildings such as the 382 m (1,253.28 ft.) Central Market Residential Tower, which is a towering complex with two residential towers and a shopping mall. 

So if you’re looking for a glimpse of the world’s tallest buildings, look no further than the Modern Middle East. This region is home to some of the most impressive structures on Earth, and you’re sure to be impressed by them.


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