Top-notch Smart Contract companies in 2021


Smart contracts are self-executing and immutable agreements settled on a blockchain. These virtual agreements have multiple advantages over standard contracts. For example, virtual agreements are cheaper as they don’t involve third parties. Lately, various sectors of industries have started implementing smart contracts. This growing demand resulted in the emergence of Smart Contract Companies. Keep reading to discover various smart contract applications and which companies in the market offer smart contract services.

Smart contract applications

Smart contracts have multiple applications, and innovators continue discovering new ways of using them in the blockchain ecosystem. For example, smart contracts have a prominent role when developing decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and NFTs. The automated agreements can be used to drive the latest generation of efficient enterprise-grade services for multiple fields. Whether you’re in the automotive industry, supply chain, or pharmaceutical, you can utilize the power of smart contracts. Yet, there are blockchain-centric smart contract applications that deliver great value. Let’s explore some of the use cases:

  • Asset tokenization: Tokenization means issuing a blockchain token that digitally represents a tradable asset. And tokenization in blockchain happens using smart contracts.  
  • Non-fungible Tokens: They are tokens representing unique digital assets. The most common use cases today are digital artworks and collectibles. Smart contracts are used to create(mint) the NFTs. An NFT smart contract should contain its associated metadata, such as ownership, creation date, trade records, file links, descriptive information, and more.
  • DAOs: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations use automated contracts to drive governance procedures. The use of smart contracts enables these platforms to run without a centralized authority. Their laws of operation are written on smart contracts.
  • DeFi Applications: Decentralized finance is an innovative fundraising technique on blockchain technology that’s possible through smart contracts. The DeFi technology has also spawned other applications, like liquidity mining, crypto-asset swaps, and auto market makers.
  • Cross-chain token transfers: You can use smart contracts to transfer virtual currencies from their original blockchain to another through a bridge.

Top Smart Contract companies in the market

If you’re looking for a smart contract development service, you may come across many companies. While looking for such companies, it’s critical to evaluate the range of services that they offer. Find a company like TokenMinds that can offer a wide range of blockchain solutions. Such a company is a one-stop shop for various services, such as a contract. So, you cut the cost as you avoid hiring many companies. Here are some famous names in the smart contract development field:

  1.     HashCash Consultants is a California-based software firm that offers high-quality blockchain solutions, including smart contract development. Through its solutions, the company helps clients attain flexibility and scalability on various platforms domains, such as Trade Finance and Payment Processing. The company helps firms achieve their growth objectives by removing barriers, like traditional contracts, that slow down the rate of transactions.
  2.   Sumatosoft: Based in Belarus, Sumatosoft specializes in the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile solutions. It delivers challenging projects that drive high enterprise value. As a top-notch smart contract developer, Sumatosoft has delivered high-quality solutions in Web and IoT.
  3.   Eleks: With its unique software engineering and consulting services, Eleks offers solutions to companies that enhance digital transformation. It has helped some Fortune 500 companies that had multiple challenges due to their business models. The company offers custom software solutions, develops product design, as well quality assurance consulting. With over 1400 professionals, the IT giant delivers its services on time.
  4.   Solulab Inc: This company provides full-stack IT solutions to various enterprises. It offers top-notch products that help entrepreneurs transform their dreams into reality. The company’s blockchain solutions help clients to keep shining in the market.
  5.   Cyber Infrastructure Inc: This Atlanta-based IT company is famous for helping firms attain massive success in expanding their production capabilities. With over a decade of experience in the market, the company helps enterprises with unique IT solutions to accelerate growth.
  6.   Intellectsoft: The California-based IT company delivers solutions that accelerate digital transformation. It helps enterprises adopt the latest technological platforms that free them from complex business models.
  7.   TokenMinds: Are you looking for the best blockchain development company that offers bespoke solutions? If yes, then you’re looking for TokenMinds. From smart contract development, crypto wallet creation to crypto exchange development, TokenMinds offers the best services that exceed your expectations. The company also helps clients to market their solutions to the right audiences.

Final Thoughts

Smart contracts accelerate the speed of doing business because they remove third parties. They also cut the cost of hiring intermediaries as the rules are embedded in a computer code. You can benefit from this solution if you hire the best development company in the market. If you’re here looking for such a company, please choose TokenMinds.


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