Top movies to watch this Valentine’s day


Top movies to watch this Valentine’s day

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What’s a better date idea than cuddling with your bae on the couch and watching the iconic romantic movies of all times. Nothing is more beautiful than spending the day with your love partner in the comfort of your home and knowing each other well by spending quality time in your pyjamas. The perfect Valentine idea would be to decorate the house, cook food together, sip the wine together, cut the cake and finally slide in the blanket and put up the Romantic movies on your laptop. Order a cute Valentine special cake  and exchange a kiss of love after cutting it and don’t just smear it on your partner’s face. To make your night even more exceptional here are a list of the 10 most romantic movies of all times which you all should watch with your life partner.

Valentine's Day
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The list of the top 10 romantic movies are:

  • The Notebook: One of the most touching movies for all the people in love! This amazing love story can literally bring tears to your years and is one of the best picks to watch with your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Even most males will agree that this movie pulls at your heartstrings and is not the boring old school romantic saga.
  • The kissing booth: This Rom Com is definitely the right pick for your Valentines night. If you don’t want to soak your eyes in tears and want to watch a lighthearted romantic movie then this one’s for you. This movie is one of a kind. But just to make sure you know, the fact that it is a Netflix original so you need to have a Netflix account to watch this classic masterpiece.
  • Me before you: This emotional romantic This movie treads a tricky line for its viewers. The chemistry between the characters is undeniable and the sad ending  is definitely going to moisten your eyes a bit and make you realise how important your partner is. Me Before You is a beautiful movie and you should definitely watch it with your bae once in a lifetime for sure.
  • Fifty first dates: This American romantic comedy film is again one of the iconic movies of hollywood to watch on this Valentine’s day. Magical and strong performance by its star cast and the silly scenes makes you smile in the movie. It simply displays that you can do anything for love and the heart remembers what the mind can’t.
  • Before Sunrise: The classic hits of the 90’s, this exceptionally romantic movie is shot at the exquisite and breathtaking views of Europe. A story of two strangers meeting on a train journey and deciding to spend a day together in Vienna. The real secret that makes the film more beautiful is the chemistry between the leading actors and we are sure you and your partner will remind all of the beautiful moments of your life watching this movie.
  • Titanic: Based on the real life story, this movie is an exceptional piece of Love and Sacrifice. There is no person on this Earth who hasn’t watched this movie, you can ignite your spark by watching this movie again on the Valentines movie night fall in love with each other once again. This most popular movie of the world never gets old even if you watch it a thousand times.
  • Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge: One of the highest grossing and superhit romantic movies of Bollywood is Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Shot in the backdrop of beautiful scenes of London, Europe and Punjab this movie never gets old and gives you a fresh experience even if you watch it for the 100th time. If you both are the old school romantics who love to watch old Bollywood movies, this movie is the one for you and the perfect fir for Valentine’s date night. And don’t forget to shake your leg on the melodious songs of this movie.
  • Fault in our stars: It’s a poignant and heart-affecting love story about two teenagers with cancer squaring off against death. This emotional romantic movie is one of the favourite movies to be watched this Valentines day. The chemistry between the young teen actors is astounding and is sure to give you shivers in between. Plan out the movie date with this movie and draw your strings closer with your partner.
  • Valentine’s day: Valentine’s day is a 2010 movie with a really strong cast and too many romantic subplots. This movie is sure to keep you engaged throughout with it’s funny scenes and all the superstar cast in the movie. This movie is perfect for a lazy evening with your bae to celebrate Valentine’s Day with chilled beer and some nachos.
  • Love Actually: A movie made to enlighten the different phases of a relationship and how tough it may get sometimes to deal with it. Love actually is a wonderful romantic comedy, hugely entertaining and heartwarming. “Love Actually” ends up being your cookie-cutter rom-com and is a really cool option to watch on your movie night.

So these were the list of top 10 movies to watch this Valentine’s Day with your partner and make the flowers of love blossom between you both.

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