Top Hallway Design Tips in 2019


Top Hallway Design Tips in 2019

It is not uncommon for people to just walk through the hallway of their house without noticing it, far less think about designing it. However, giving your hallway a makeover is not just possible, it can actually boost your mood.

A place in your house you walk through daily, yet somehow never give a second glance.

A place, however, where the magic of interior design could make a huge difference and brighten up your whole day.

And it is this interior design that Imagine Interiors, a premier interior design company in Bangladesh, will help you with in this article.

Light Design

Cheer it up!

The first thing to check with your hallway is the lighting arrangement. It’s quite common for hallways to be not that well-lit, thus becoming dark and shadowy, and more so as night falls.

This is depressing, especially so for visitors and can spoil their visit. You can see for yourself how depressing a dark hallway looks. So, let your hallway become well-lit and inviting for visitors (and for yourself as well!)

If there is a table in your hallway, place one or two table lights on it. They will add respectability and warmth to the hallway. Also consider adding wall lights for extra lighting.

Pro Tip If your hallway is very narrow, make use of your lights to add some decor. Instead of going for a plain light, select an antique lighting fixture, like a lantern or a candelabra-type arrangement on the wall.

Practical Uses

If your hallway is wide enough, you can find practical uses for it. For example, you can place book shelves along it and make it a hallway-cum-library.

You will now want to spend a lot more time in your new library, selecting books to read, so better make sure it’s well-lit!

You can also find some space on the wall to install some clothes hangers so, for example, people coming in from the rain would have a place to hang up their raincoats.

Another easy use would be to place a shoe rack, conveniently placed for anyone entering from outside. One thing you need to make sure is that the place where wet raincoats and/or muddy shoes may be kept is covered with waterproof rugs, which brings us neatly to the next point, floor design.

Floor Design

The floor of the hallway gives you some scope for tasteful decor. One of the first things you can consider for the floor is runner rugs or carpet runners. These are typical rugs, usually between 2 to 3 feet wide, that are perfect for…you guess it…avoiding slipping, especially for young children who may tend to run around.

If you’ve got the raincoat hangers or shoe stand installed, you can opt for waterproof runners to take care of water dripping.

Pro Tip It is customary to have 2-4 inches of flooring visible on all four sides of the runner rug.

If you don’t want to go for a rug, try your luck with flooring. Vinyl flooring comes in a range of attractive colours and is very easy to maintain.

Decoration by Hanging

I’m sure you’ve thought of this – but one of the easiest ways of decorating your hallway is to hang things along it.

Things like pictures or paintings.

It personalizes the hallway and makes it apparent that it’s part of a home. Go to an antiques dealer or a farmers’ market to get some good frames.

Sitting Arrangement

This is another of those tips that nearly every designer gives their client. If you have space in your hallway, introduce some sitting arrangements.

One-person benches are suitable for this. Add some pillows to make it cosy and comfortable.

This may not be something you’ll use much at first but you will grow into it. Trust me.

So those are the 5 top tips for hallway design for 2019 by Imagine Interiors.

Hallways are difficult to design because they tend to be narrow. However these 5 tips should help you move past that apparent difficulty, design your hallway and truly make it a part of your home.

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