Top Five Google Tricks You Must Try


Top 5 Google Tricks ..


To be honest Google has a number of tricks up his sleeve but in this article we are only going to cover just 5 of them or top five of them. And please note that top five google tricks many vary from person-to-person or website-to-website because these top five lists are made by humans and every human is different, has different choices & preferences. And that’s the beauty of these lists that every list is different. My top five Google tricks might not be your top five or your top five might not be someone else’s top 5. So, if your favorite Google Tricks doesn’t make up in this list please don’t mind it or get angry. And since I’m a fun loving kind of guy, so most of these tricks are going to be ‘fun tricks’.

Now, enough of the disclaimer and let’s get started with the count down.


# Specific File Search :


Google Tricks
Image Source : Google

So, if you want to search for a specific topic and doesn’t want to end up with an encyclopedia of that topic then don’t worry this trick might come out to be quite handy. And also in case if you to search a specific type of file. Now, let’s say you want to search a pdf file for puppies, all you have to do is type the following and hit the search key, “filetype: pdf puppies”.


# Askew or Tilt :


Google Tricks
Image Source : Google


This one is fun trick and as the name suggests it tilts the ‘search result screen’. To tilt your screen all you have to do is search for “Askew” or “Tilt” and the next page that comes up will be noticeably tilted, as if Google was drunk while performing the search.


# Google Timer :


Google tricks
Image Source : Google


This is a pretty useful trick, through this trick Google will create a custom timer just for you, in case of an emergency or just for fun whatever the need is Google has your back. Let’s say you have to set a timer for 5 minutes, all you have to do is search for “set timer for 5 minutes”, and the next thing you will notice is that Google has started a countdown timer for 5 minutes.


# Google Underwater :

Google Tricks
Image Source : Google


Have you ever wondered what’s it to be underwater? If yes, then think no more and give this trick a try, type underwater in the search box and everything starts floating as if we are underwater. You must give it a try.


# Atari Breakout :


Google Trick
Image Source : Google


This is my favorite Google trick and this Google Easter Egg lets you play the famous “Breakout” game by Atari. All you have to do is go to Google Images search for “Atari Breakout”. Next you will notice that all the images in the result screen have aligned in a specific way then a paddle & a ball pops up and you are playing the Atari Breakout game on Google. This is a great time buster and one f my favorite trick. It’s also quite additive, therefore, proceed with caution.

Honorary mentions, Tip Calculator: “What is the tip for $100”. Flight Status: Search your flight number, and boom, all the information regarding your flight is in front of you.

Enjoy !


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