Top 4 Android Spying Apps in India [ 2019 ]


Top 4 Android Spying Apps in India [ 2019 ]

Spy apps are the rage these days. From monitoring your children to your employees, spy apps allow you to gain insights into the activities that occur over a phone. You can gain access to call logs, text messages, multimedia files, and much more!

It is unthinkable what the latest spy apps can do! Whatever the activity you want to monitor, spy apps allow you to do so remotely. With a spy app, you can do it all—whether you want to view call logs, text messages, pictures, emails, browsing history, or location.

Currently, there are hundreds of spying apps, and more keep springing up every day. Some spy apps have become obsolete, while others are fake. Hence, it is difficult for users to find apps that work! Moreover, the internet is ample with scammers and frauds, so users need to be aware of this as well. You need to consider a few things when purchasing a spy app.

Knowing how the app gathers information on the target device and sends it to the user gives an idea of whether the app is safe or not. Most spy apps send data collected on the device to a user account, which is updated in real time or according to a schedule. The data is saved on the cloud. A spy app will never ask you for private information. Secondly, the price of the app is an important factor to consider, since the apps charge their users on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. If you are spending money on an app, it should provide you the value for its worth.


TheOneSpy is the number one Android spy app to monitor any Android phone remotely. The application is compatible with both type of android devices such as rooted android phones and non-rooted android phones and tablets. This application has the most advanced spying and surveillance features which are best for digital parental control and employee secret surveillance. It has a user friendly dashboard app for android and iPhone mobile users, so they can easily keep themselves update with the latest happenings on the target device.

  • Features

We divided its features into 3 major categories i.e. Voice, Data, and Locations. Below is the major features list of TheOneSpy android monitoring app.

  • Call Logs

With the call logs features, user can easily check and monitor the calls activity done on his/her target cell phone. It will show the complete list of all incoming and outgoing voice calls list even the missed calls and deleted call numbers.

  • SMS Logs

SMS logs features show all the incoming and outgoing text messages on the targeted cell phone. It can also retrieve all the deleted SMS.

  • Live GPS Location, History and Roadmap

With this GPS tracking feature it can track the live GPS location of the targeted Android phone its old location history and even the roadmaps such as rout map with date and time stamp.

  • Instant Messengers Chat (IM Logs)

TheOneSpy IM logging feature offers the complete list of the conversations done between your target person and its contact list whether he/she use any of the instant messengers. It can record almost all the most popular instant messenger such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook messenger, Line, Vine, Imo and Google hangouts etc.

Multimedia Files

The user can easily check all the saved media files such as videos created by the mobile camera or download from the internet. It will also get logs of saved photos even the recorded voices & memos.

Emails, Browsing History & Bookmarks

The application secretly monitor all the incoming and outgoing emails, record searches and browsing history along with bookmarks and upload the logs of these activities on user’s dashboard.

  • Surround Recording & Listening

Surround recording and surround listing feature allow user to secretly listen and record the sounds and voices around the targeted Android cell phone. It is most popular feature in terms of digital parenting and workplace scrutiny.

  • 360 Cameras Bugging & MIC Bugging

360 cam and mic bugging is the most advance spying and monitoring feature in TheOneSpy app. Through this feature the user can easily know about the whereabouts of his/her targeted android device. It will show the live camera stream and record and listen the surroundings.

  • Pricing & Discount Coupons

There are 3 types of subscriptions available. Lite, XLite, and Premier. The non-rooted fully functional application is available under the premier plan. TheOneSpy offers occasionally discount and coupon codes of up to 50% OFF.

Lite Package Plan: $18 for a month and $140 for 12 months

XLIte Package Plan: $35 for month and $175 for 12 months

Premier Plan Starts from $65 to $300 for 12 months

Most of the discount and coupons are available on Premier apps

  • Installation

TheOneSpy offers an easy to install app just in 3 simple steps, Downloads plus install and activate and it will start working right after the activation. Remember active internet is needed on the target Android cell phone.

  • Performance

TheOneSpy app is cutting edge solution for your monitoring and spying needs and as its name shows it all it is the number one on our list. Tested and verified on multiple android devices and compatible with all the Android OS devices.


Xnspy is currently the best spyware that’s available in the U.S., and also India. It provides a multitude of features for both Android and iOS devices. Xnspy is our top pick due to its great mix of features, pricing, and performance. With an easy-to-use interface, Xnspy provides great user experience and makes monitoring as easy as it should be.

  • Features

The features that Xnspy provides can be divided into 7 major categories.

  • Call and texts

With Xnspy, users can monitor call logs, contact list, text messages, and instant messaging applications. You can monitor the most popular instant messaging applications with Xnspy such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messages, LINE, Viber, Skype, Kik, and Tinder Messages. The Keylogger feature of the app logs all the keystrokes made on the device. Apart from details of the sender/recipient of calls and messages, users can monitor the call durations and timestamps associated with messages and calls. If you want to gain more information regarding the conversations that happen on the monitored device, users can record calls as well.

  • GPS location

Users can monitor the live and previous locations of the device. The app also offers a geo-fencing feature, which allows you to mark safe and unsafe locations. It also generates alerts in case the device is found in a location that is deemed unsafe. In addition to this, you can view the list of the Wi-Fi networks that the device has connected to.

  • Multimedia

You can monitor photos and videos that are shared on the device using instant messaging applications. These are uploaded to the cloud and can be viewed and saved from the Xnspy user account. You can also take pictures from a phone remotely to monitor its surrounding. Likewise, users can also listen to the surroundings using the Ambient Listening feature offered by the app.

  • Email, internet browsing, and app activity

The app offers features for monitoring the online activity of a device. You can view emails, including the details of the sender and receiver. Apart from this, users can also view web browsing history and bookmarked webpages with the relevant timestamps and dates.

  • Watchlist

The Watchlist feature of the app is one of the best. Words that a user may consider sensitive can be added to the Watchlist words. In the case this word is used in text messages and emails, the user is notified. Likewise, the Watchlist feature is available for contacts as well as locations. Each time a Watchlist contact tries to call the device, the user is notified.

  • Remote Control

In addition to monitoring activity on the device, users can also control a device. You can send commands to remotely lock a device, wipe data, and block applications.

  • Actuarial reports

One of the unique features of the app is that it generates reports that summarize the activity on a device. With the Analytics feature, you can view the top 10 websites visited, the top 5 call durations, and the top 5 callers.

  • Pricing

Currently, Xnspy offers two subscription plans to users: Basic Edition and Premium Edition. The Basic Edition offers slightly less number of features than the Premium Edition, however, both have economical prices.

Basic Edition: $29.99/month

Premium Edition: $35.99/month

  • Installation

To install Xnspy on an Android phone, you need to check if your phone is compatible with the app. You need to purchase a subscription plan. To install the app, you need to gain physical access to the Android device. Open the link sent to your email on the device. This will download the app on the phone. Follow the instructions to install the app. Installing the app takes only a couple of minutes. The app is compatible with Android devices with OS version 4 and up.

  • Performance

The performance of the app is one of the reasons why Xnspy is number one on our list. Unlike other apps, Xnspy ensures that the battery and data consumption on the device is not rapid. With Xnspy, you can change settings so that data to the server is uploaded only when the phone is charging and connected to Wi-Fi.


FlexiSpy is another spy app that has been in the market for a while now. The app provides several features, but the downside is that users have to root or jailbreak the device. This can be quite cumbersome. However, it is one of the leading spy apps that allow users to monitor activity on a range of devices such as Android phone, iPhones, iPads, etc.

  • Features

The features that FlexiSpy offers can be divided into 6 categories:

  • Call logs and recording

With FlexiSpy, users can view call logs on the device and other apps such as Facebook, LINE, Skype, and others. You can also record calls on various apps such as Facebook, Skype, and LINE. However, to avail these features on other applications, you need to root your Android device.

  • Text messages and instant messaging apps

FlexiSpy monitors text messages, including messages sent via instant messaging applications. These apps include all the popular ones as well as those that are not widely used. The instant messaging apps that FlexiSpy monitors include Facebook, Hike, LINE, Skype, Kik, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and others. The Keylogger feature is also available with FlexiSpy. The app also allows you to search for specific keywords in messages.

  • Location tracking

FlexiSpy allows you to view the live and previous locations with the date and timestamps. With FlexiSpy, you can also keep track of the cellular and Wi-Fi networks that the device connects to.

  • Email, internet browsing, and application activity

You can monitor emails, internet browsing history, bookmarked webpages, and application activity using FlexiSpy. You can view a list of installed apps and take screenshots remotely. The app allows you to view the apps that are used most often, and the date the app was installed.

  • Multimedia Files

FlexiSpy allows you to view photos, videos, and audio files that are sent or received on the target device. Users can view and download these files from the FlexiSpy user account at any time.

  • Remote Control

FlexiSpy offers many remote control features, including taking pictures remotely, restarting a device, deactivate the software, etc.

  • Pricing

FlexiSpy is an expensive spy app. You can purchase the app for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. The prices given below are those related to subscription monthly.

Premium Edition: $68/month

Extreme Edition: $199/month

  • Installation

For installation, you need to purchase the subscription plans offered. To avail the Advanced Features offered by the app, you also need to run software on the phone to root the device. Once done, you can then proceed by downloading the software on the phone and installing it by following the instructions.

  • Performance

FlexiSpy offers many features, but this often leads to performance issues. The extensive features that the app offers have a drawback because it drains the battery of the phone quickly. Secondly, you need to root an Android device to avail features such as call recording, call logs, accessing instant messaging apps, and others. To run the app in hidden mode, you need to root the device. The good thing about FlexiSpy is that most of the data gathered on the device can be downloaded in the form of spreadsheets.


mSpy is a popular spy app that is specifically targeted as a parental monitoring application. mSpy has been in the market for a while, and it provides the most popular features that other spy apps provide to their users. Although the app provides a limited number of features when it comes to device monitoring, the performance of the app makes it among the most used spy app in the market. The app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

  • Features

The features of mSpy can be divided into the following categories:

  • Calls

In addition to monitoring call logs and contacts on the device, users can also block unwanted phone numbers. You can view call logs along with details of the call such as the duration, timestamp, and details of the caller. You can view information regarding incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

  • Text messages and instant messaging applications

You can view messages sent via SMS and timestamps associated with it. Apart from this, users can also monitor conversation on some of the most used instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and others. The Android device has to be rooted to avail features offered for instant messaging applications. The app also offers the keylogger feature, so you can view all the keystrokes made on the device. This way, you are also aware of all the messages that are typed but not sent. The app also generates alerts if specific keywords are used in conversations and texts.

  • GPS location

Users can set zones on the map. The app notifies the users when the device enters or leaves these zones. You can also monitor the route taken by the device for a specific time.

  • Emails, internet activity, and application activity

Users of mSpy can monitor browsing history of the device, including the websites that have been bookmarked, read emails, and block websites remotely. In addition to this, users can monitor and block applications installed on the device.

  • Multimedia files

Users can view multimedia files that are sent or received. These include any photos and videos that may be shared using the device. These files are uploaded to the account and can be downloaded for viewing at a later time.

  • Pricing

mSpy is a little pricey when compared with other spy apps. There are two subscription plans offered for an Android device. The prices shown below are those for a monthly subscription plan:

Premium Edition: €14.16/month

Basic Edition: €26.99/month

  • Installation

Physical access to the device is required to install the app. For some features such as monitoring instant messaging applications, the Android device has to be rooted. To download the app on the phone, you need to purchase a subscription plan. You can then begin monitoring the device by logging into your mSpy account.

  • Performance

Some of the Premium features offered by the app require you to jailbreak the device. This can cause the device to become susceptible to malicious software, hence affecting the performance of the phone. The app is compatible with Android version of 4 and above.

Now you know which are the top 3 Android spying apps in India. So which one will you choose?

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