Top 10 Webtoon Manhwa Websites in 2019


Top 10 Webtoon Manhwa Websites in 2019

Manhwa Webtoon is actually a product of the combination of comics with digital media – a contributing factor to change the appearance of comics, production processes, reading habits, as well as the concept of boundaries. between authors and readers, distribution and distribution of cultural works. Secondly, webtoon is a new form of digital storytelling online, originating from Korea, developed based on the potential exploitation of current multimedia and media technology.  Great.

Webtoon – a combination of “web” and “cartoon” – is a term coined by Koreans to refer to webcomics.  Initially, they used many different terms to refer to the comics posted on websites in Korea.  Webcomic – a combination of “web” and “comic” – is an example, but it was soon replaced by webtoon.  In 2000, Ch’ŏllian launched a new website called “Webtoon” on the Korean Web Portal.  However, most of the comics posted on this website are in the traditional format, meaning they still retain the same layout (layout) as on the printed page.  Webtoon was once used to refer to flash animation, but it no longer meant that, because long before that, it had become the generic term for comics created and published online in Korea.

Unlike paper comics, webcomics are arranged in a vertical layout.  Before the webtoon appeared, the authors were familiar with the layout of the story horizontally because the computer screen had a horizontal design that allowed only half the page to be displayed, then posted the works on websites like N4 and Comics.  Today (K’omiksŭ t’udei).  Webtoon has just been born by many artists learning its novel layout and creating the hottest trend today.  Released periodically on the Daum Corporation Portal of Korea (2003), Kim Heesun’s My Stepmom is the first webtoon to use a vertical layout, and readers can turn the mouse wheel to read the story.  Also published periodically on (2003), the webtoon True Beauty (Romance) of famous artist Yaongyi sparked a trend of the vertical page layout.

In 2019, the webtoon comic book boom year with a series of works such as Our Complications, Close as Neighbors, My Stepmom, The Nice Woman, On My Way, Inside the Uniform, Paradise Lost, 15 Minutes, Find Me, My Secret Friend, Project Utopia, Wet Women, The Giving Girl, Yuri’s Part Time Job, A Killer Woman, The Unwanted Roommate, Girls’ Only, Secret Neighbors, The Spot Master, Stupid Love.

This article introduces you to the Top 10 Webtoon Manhwa Websites in 2019 ..

1 – Daum Webtoon

2 – Webtoon Naver

3 – Lezhin Comics

4 – Manytoon Comics

5 – Toomics Comics

6 – Toptoon Comics

7 –

8 –

9 – Tappytoon Comics

10 – Comica Comics

In order to improve traffic, other online comic authors follow the same trend, applying vertical layouts to their works on Web portals such as Free Webtoon Coins with 10,000 free coins.  and 1000 top webtoon titles.

Besides vertical layout, webtoon manhwa also plays an important role in composing and distributing multimedia and cross-platform.  The webtoon itself is also the platform for combining various media together to create unique aesthetic effects and new genres.  By referring to the multimedia and cross-platform aspect of the webtoon, the article reveals the unique and distinctive features of the webtoon industry in Korea.

The colorful vertical layout dominates the Korean comic book market, but it is not a trend in other markets.  For example, in Japan, webcomics are usually black and white and still retain the same layout as on printed pages.  Similarly, in the US, webcomics are often arranged like comic strips or paper comics.  In other words, in Japan and the US (the latter part will discuss in more detail), webcomics have not created a hot trend since moving to digital platforms, although the authors and artists have had a lot of innovation in your composition.  Webtoon in Korea seems to break with the traditional layout faster than the webcomics elsewhere.  By comparing the online comic trend in Korea to Japan and the US, we see that webtoon is a new media that changes the appearance of comics, and it has a firm position in the Korean pop culture market.  Quoc.

The article is intended for those who specialize in studying Korean culture and Korean comics, providing an overview of the new type of webtoon comics;  compare webtoon with paper comics in Korea, web comics in the US and Japan.

Webtoon manhwa, manga, or manhua are still evolving, although we don’t know what it will be like, contributing to the turning of the comic history wheel.  However, in the immediate future, we see that it has made a difference in layout (though not yet optimal) with paper comics, and emerged as the hottest type of comics today.  Today, the webtoon industry is growing faster than ever, thanks to the mobile webtoon service: the vertical layout of the webtoon fits the vertical screen of a mobile phone.  Free webtoon online anytime, anywhere is not required to store or carry. Hopefully, in 2020 we will witness the strong development of webtoon manhwa and great works will be released next year.

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