Best Courses to Learn the Top 10 Technology Skills in 2019


Best Courses to Learn the Top 10 Technology Skills in 2019

As the companies have gradually started to walk down the path of digital transformation, various changes have emerged that can impact your career at present. Digital skills that were earlier considered as ‘nice-to-have’ have become a standard requirement for the professionals working in the technology sector. Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are reshaping the way business processes were carried out in the past.

If you are wondering what the skills are currently in demand and how to master them, then you are in the right place. This article helps you understand what are the top skills that employers across the world are looking for in 2019.

  • Python Programming

Learning Python has become one of the most sought-after skills for IT professionals. Python’s machine learning libraries have varying abilities that are essential for training machines. Python is easy to learn and currently used in the statistical domain, machine learning programming, scripting, and more.

You can take a Python training course to learn Python from scratch. The best part about a training course is you get to learn from industry experts. The course can help you enhance your knowledge in data science, analytics techniques, using Python libraries for different use cases, and more.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA refers to a technology that helps enterprises to automate repetitive tasks that take much of the employee’s time on a daily basis. Completion of tasks become quicker as RPA technology focuses on programming of software bots to perform them. This way employees can be engaged in tasks which require more human intelligence and the overall productivity of the workforce can be improved. If you are interested to start a career in this domain, then taking a RPA training is beneficial. Apart from theoretical knowledge, you can gain practical experience in building RPA bots, designing effective RPA solutions, and best practices using UiPath PRA platform.

  • Digital Marketing

As people are now used to searching everything online, enterprises have started a race for promoting their products using the internet. Creating an online presence has become the need of the hour. Many companies have achieved a higher return on investment (ROI) by conducting marketing campaigns online. All these initiatives come under the domain of Digital Marketing. The best part about starting a career in Digital Marketing is the fact that it does not require any particular college degree or educational background. However, the world of Digital Marketing is vast and to gain expertise in various of its aspects, it is recommended to go for a Digital Marketing course. It can help you learn Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, and much more.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Businesses across the world are adopting cloud computing and AWS is the most trusted platform for it. Businesses can utilize many of its important services like databases, storage, security, online presence, serverless cloud functions, to name a few. AWS is successful in capturing the market due to its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security.

Amazon also offers AWS certifications for professionals who wish to gain knowledge of their services and start a career in cloud computing. AWS certifications range from foundational, associate to practitioner levels and based on the prior knowledge, professionals can select their preferred certifications.

  • DevOps

DevOps simply refers to a set of practices which combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to shorten the software development lifecycle and ensure reduced cost and risk. As customers expect faster and better service delivery, companies are incorporating DevOps into their processes.

Professionals willing to move ahead with DevOps should know about the tools that developers use, languages like Python or Ruby, and Puppet and Chef scripting, among others. They can master these skills by taking a DevOps certification course. The course is helpful in making an individual to take better decisions and improve processes and delivery.

  • Data Science with R

As the world is becoming data-driven, the domain of data science and analytics are here to stay. The demand for data science talent has increased multifold worldwide. One of the data science tools you can learn and upgrade yourself is R programming. R is basically used for statistical computing and advanced data analysis. With a Data Science with R programming course, you can learn the basics of R programming as well as work on industry projects in retail,  airlines, insurance, finance, and other domains.

  • Machine Learning

You can see devices equipped with machine learning gradually penetrating the market, the latest being virtual assistants like Siri and Google’s self-driving cars. The brain behind such intelligent devices is machine learning algorithms created by data scientists and engineers. To become a machine learning engineer, it is advantageous to learn supervised and unsupervised learning, its algorithms and applications through a Machine Learning certification course. By validating your skills, you can pave your way to a high paying career.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Companies have come a long way in their efforts to achieve Artificial Intelligence or teach machines how to perform human-like tasks. Becoming proficient in AI skills has become the goal of many IT professionals as tech giants, mid-size companies and even start-ups are looking for AI talent and investing hugely in this technology. An Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program is your one-stop-solution to all the concepts behind AI, programming languages needed to design algorithms, and much more.

  • Hadoop

Storing, managing, and processing huge amounts of data has always been challenging for data scientists. It is where Hadoop comes handy. If you are aiming for a career in Big Data, then knowing Hadoop is inevitable. Opportunities in Hadoop are growing and career in it is rewarding. You can prove your proficiency in Hadoop by passing certification exams of many recognized accreditation bodies like Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, to name a few. A Big Data Hadoop Administrator certification course can assist you to learn Hadoop and pass the certification exams conducted by these popular bodies.

  • Tableau

Tableau has become a popular Business Intelligence tool across many enterprises. Using it, you can securely interact with your data on any device for data visualization. Depending on your current position, there are many options available to you for becoming a Tableau expert. One such path is to take a Tableau training course and learn how to build visualizations, manage data, and design dashboards to take better business decisions.

So what are you waiting for? Start a career in your desired domain by mastering the necessary skills. There are many opportunities that you can explore and enhance your salary prospects too.

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