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Top 10  Social Networking Sites

Top 10 Social Networking Sites  – Hello friends, today we are going to tell you Top 10 Social Networking Sites. If you are searching most popular social sites then you are in the right place.

Today we will tell you Top 10 social Networking Sites , which are most popular sites through which you can create your social network. Can make yourself popular, increase your business. Social media is a platform where you can become popular and wealthy.

In today’s era, social networking has become an important part of our lives; most of the people have become so. If you have something to go publicly in public, just share it on a social networking site. While the social networking site is a great way to meet your friends, on the other hand, you can also discuss a serious issue and take the opinion of the people. Nowadays, the big and big movement also starts from the social networking site.

At the same time, you can also use the social networking site for business promotion and you can get your product information very large enough to reach your customers and also know their opinions. In India, the craze of social networking site has increased rapidly.

You can create a new group according to your interest, and discuss with all the members of many groups at one go. Many such groups also include teachers and students who share problems related to studies and find their diagnosis in the group. | Social Networking Sites

Although there is a lot of Top 10 Social Networking Sites on the Internet, there are some major social networking sites in India which people use more, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Plus, YouTube, Linkedin, Quora, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram.

Definition of Social Networking Site

A social networking site is an online platform that allows users to create a public profile and interact with other users on the website. Social networking sites usually have a new user input a list of people with whom they share a connection and then allow the people on the list to confirm or deny the connection. After connections are established, the new user can search the networks of connections to make more connections.

A social networking site is also known as a social networking website or social website.

Top 10 Social Media Networking Sites

These are mainly Top 10 Social Networking Sites. Here is Follows –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Whatsapp
  • Youtube
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • SnapChat
  1. Facebook

Facebook is one from the Top 10 social Networking Sites. Facebook has been a top social networking site, since its inception in 2004. Today, it has over 2 billion active users, making it the largest social network in the world. The unique thing about Facebook is its dynamic, multifunctional interface that brings together daily news, business, gaming, and sharing multimedia content at your fingertips. Facebook dominates the market with its strategic and frequent updates that keep it ahead of its time, with constant additions of cool new features like, location specification, cool status backgrounds, and sticker’s store, hash-tagging, image tagging, and much more. It is a major platform for Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Online Brand Optimization, for businesses large and small.

Facebook features include :

  • Customized profile, privacy and security
  • Friend list management
  • Photo album management
  • Interactive chat
  • Fan pages
  • Classmates and coworker search engine
  1. Twitter

Twitter is the next best thing after Facebook. Twitter is a social networking and microblogging online service that allows users to send and receive text-based messages or posts of up to 140 characters called “tweets.”

After the online sign-up process, users can post their tweets by using a computer or other Twitter-compatible device such as a Smartphone, and can view tweets posted by other “followed” users. | Social Networking Sites

Twitter is also referred to as the SMS of the Internet because of its unmatched popularity and its similarity to the SMS text messaging system used on cellphones. Twitter has been used to inform people about various TV events such as the Oscars, MTV Video Music Awards, etc. Because of this, Twitter is sometimes called the virtual water cooler or social television.

Today, public twits break news faster than the media. The main feature is the 140 character word limit that makes the posts catchy. Users can share photos, GIF, videos and links, and with the Twitter Card upgrade, multimedia content can be shared. Twitter is also an important resource for Digital Marketing for businesses.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is primarily an instant messaging app that allows multimedia sharing, including photos, videos, audio and documents. It has also added free live video calling with high quality streaming, to its features. It is a sensational app that has a user base of over 1 billion. One can also create groups and connect with a number of people at once. There are profile photo and status slots, also a last seen panel, the visibility of which can be managed in the settings. This is a mobile based app, but the web version is also available, wherein users have to connect a code in their phone and access the app in their desktop. The data is secure with end to end encryption.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is a social networking app dedicated for sharing photos and videos. It was previously an Apple app, available only on iOS, but then broadened its availability, to android, windows as well as a website. You can also connect it with your Facebook account. Instagram is the muse of photographers, artists, restaurants and anybody that likes to post their images. It is a valuable resource for image optimization for businesses, especially Instagram Influencers.

If you are looking to buy Instagram followers, these days there are many web portals providing these services. you can also try to increase your following. | Social Networking Sites

  1. YouTube

YouTube is the largest video networking site in the world. It is a product of Google, and is available as a website and mobile application. Almost the entire world television since its beginning may be fitted inside You Tube. One can find movies, music, soaps and cartoons from all parts of the world; as well as private videos, blogs and YouTube Influencer videos all in one place. Most of the videos are free, and can be watched for countless times. It is a major platform for promoting movies and music as well as advertising.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest networking sites from the Top 10 social Networking Sites for working professionals and business personnel. One can make a public portfolio, or resume by updating their profile. It is a platform for finding jobs as well as employees, and connects professionals with mutual interests, also for promoting businesses, posting white papers, advertisements, and lots of trivia.

Since it was founded in 2002, LinkedIn has become one of the top sites in the world for professional networking.

LinkedIn features are :

  • Members can post photos and view the profiles and photos of other users.
  • Members can view how many people have searched for and viewed them recently, although more detailed information requires an paid upgrade to a premium account.
  • Employers can list jobs and openings and search for potential candidates.
  • LI allows embedding or tying of applications, such as an Amazon reading list that displays a list of books the member has read or purchased from Amazon.
  • A “Groups” feature, in which anyone can form a group for like-minded professionals and members can hold discussions, post jobs and write articles.
  1. Google+

Google+ is a networking arena, that is unique than all other networking sites and apps. It is an assortment of useful platforms that uses your core interests. Since its inception in 2010 with Google Buzz, then changing into Google Friend Connect, it was not until 2015 that this idea was well executed with Google+, and from then on, it had a drastic change in getting high impact usability.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest, is similar to Instagram, in terms that this, too, is a vast image network. However, it has a completely different interface, and is more like an image collection site, with a pinboard style layout. If you find a nice image, you can just ‘pin’ it, and it will show in your pinboard, along with the original source. You can also post your own pictures.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging network, along with blogging it has a photo sharing network, like Pinterest. It has enticing blog themes, content formats, and connecting facility with other users, via the follow button. One can also share/re-blog or like other’s blogs.

  1. Quora

Quora is a dedicated network to information and knowledge where users interact with each other over a meaningful information exchange. Typically, an user posts a question and others answer it, more like Yahoo answers, but the interface is more like Facebook. Questions like What Are the Top 10 Social Networking Sites in the World are abundant. The users here are more serious and non-bot. Quora was launched by two former employees of Facebook in 2009.

Hope you liked our article Top 10 Social Networking Sites . Today we told you about Top 10  Social Networking Sites . If you like, then tell us by commenting and share our article. If you have still any questions or doubts related with Top 10 Social Networking Sites then you can freely ask us in the comment box below.

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