Top 10 Educational Apps For Android


Top 10 Educational Apps For Android

There is a prominent argument that smartphone and internet usage inversely affects your education. Is this argument right? No, because there are many useful apps available in your smartphone which are very helpful in the educational process. So in this review, we just point Top 10 Educational Apps.

Why should you choose these top 10 educational apps ? There are more than 500,000 educational apps available today. So it is very difficult to good quality education apps that enhance your teaching and learning abilities. Therefore before writing this review we had several hours’ effort to decide these Top 10 Educational Apps.

These Educational Apps are provocative, exploratory, and open-ended. These top ten educational apps are fun and interesting for kids and adults. Let’s start acquiring knowledge from the following top ten educational apps.

  • Edmodo

It is a social learning platform for teachers, students, and schools.  It is useful for communication, polling, assignments or quizzes, etc. this app help in managing classes easily, and enable students to send teachers individual messages or educational materials. Edmodo help in reducing the workload of teachers and make it easier for them to stay connected with their classroom and their students. Edmodo has millions of resources to use in the classroom. There are Parent accounts in Edmodo which help them to observe and stay up to date with their child’s activities in Edmodo. They are able to see their children’s grades, assignments, school calendar messages from the teacher, and so on. This  character earns Edmodo a top position in Top 10 educational apps.

  • Socrative Student

This app is in the list of Top 10 Educational Apps. Interaction is an important tool in learning. This app provides an interactive environment for teacher and students to share their learning. It is easy-to-use and interesting to implement. Using Socrative Teachers can conduct polls, ask questions, and conduct assessments with real-time data displaying during the session. This app is very useful in learning and fun to use.

  • Amazon Kindle

Reading helps you learn. This Free app increases your reading skills. It is the stable E-Reader platform available on your own mobile. It includes a lot of books that are both adult and kids friendly. They also have a ton of free books that are in the public domain. This app is one of the top ten educational apps in the world, which is perfect for a student to finish all his educational needs.

  • ClassDojo

It is one of a few virtual classroom style learning apps for kids that we’re going to talk about on this list of top ten educational apps. Using this app, parents, students, and teachers can have interacted with each other. Teachers are able to communicate with their students about educational needs. This app helps parents to stay up to date on their child’s education, and children can get the attention they need in the education process.

  • Mathway

Mathway is listed in Top 10 Educational Apps. This app is very helpful for studying mathematics and science subjects. This app provides solutions to problems in math, statistics, algebra, chemistry, trigonometry, etc. it is very simple to use. You can get solutions for the problem by just type your problem or upload a photo of it .this app also act as a mentor to help you excel in your course.

  • YouTube Kids

It came in Top 10 Educational Apps. YouTube Kids is exclusively made and curated for kids, Youtube Kids offers educational videos and entertainment content to inspire and enhance young minds. It offers children an easy way to watch shows that give knowledge. This app is free and easy to use. It contains only kids friendly videos.

  • Memrise

Learning a new language is not a cake-walk but with apps like Memrise, it’s all fun and easy. This app made language learning into the next for the leaners. If you are going to any foreign country and want to learn a few handy phrases in other languages then this app can come handy. It uses repetition to help student’s master difficult phrases and words. The app also has a gasification element like a leader board that kps you hooked on to listed ninth in Top ten educational apps

  • Byju’s The Learning App

It has a position in the Top 10 Educational Apps. This app is with 16 million registered students from across the globe, this is world’s one of the largest learning apps for students. This app is changing the way of learning by helping students learn in a fun and easy way. This app covers the syllabus of almost all different state-level boards, CBSE, ICSE and also provides learning lessons for various competitive exams such as IIT JEE, CAT, NEET, etc. The app has gained popularity among the student community for making learning addictive through attractive video lessons and chapter wise tests which help students analyze their mistakes on each topic.

  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy accrued the position in the list of Top 10 Educational Apps. If you have not heard about this app then we encourage you to try this educational tool. Khan Academy is useful for both students and teachers. Do you know that this app is an extension of the Khan Academy website which is an open source educational website aimed for ‘changing education for the better by providing world-classification for anyone anywhere’? More than 4,300 video lessons on the topics include math, science, economics, and humanities are available on this app. This app is designed to download videos so you can watch videos offline.

  • Google Drive

In the Top 10 Educational Apps, Important position goes to Google drive. It provides cloud storage service at free of charge for the education of users. You can store up to 30 GB of data includes documents, videos, graphics, photos, music, etc., in your account. Using Google Drive, we can edit a document needed for a class project. These tools allow teachers to collect a lot of learning materials available online for students. Google Drive allows students to create word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents. You will find all of these saved automatically to the ‘cloud’. You get it anywhere there is Internet access.


Stop wasting time on the internet starts to use it for learning and using the internet give you knowledge about everything in the world. So try all the above mentioned Top ten educational apps.

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