Top 10 Apps That Earn You Money { Must Download }


Top 10 Apps That Earn You Money

Today’s world is all about technology. You can do amazing things with your smartphone. Peoples are very curious about earning money. Do you know?  If you effectively use your smartphone you can earn lots of money. There are many apps that earn you money.

There are many pros for apps that earn you money. These apps have Everlasting Possibilities like Minimum effort, no expense for each chance, and it is fun. There is no organized schedule for these apps that earn you money.You can work as you like and earn according to your needs. These apps are completely free. They have simple, automatic, and converted money transaction.

Here we just list down top 10 apps that earn you money. This list is chosen in the ground of personal experience and I promise you that you can believe all these apps.


This app enables you to earn huge amount of money online.  The squadron is the work platform to provide a flexible workforce to popular e-commerce businesses such as Ola, Snap deal, Flipkart, etc. all you want to do is too simple like tagging picture, categorizing the products to collect the information and giving them detail on the products, matching the items, etc. Each time after you complete your work you will earn a Squad coin. These squad coins can be withdrawn using PayUmoney or PayTM wallet. These apps that earn you money don’t have any limit in task or time; it provides you with the maximum number of task.

Google opinion Reward

This app that earns you money is very famous. This great application has many interesting surveys, in your field of interest. When you complete your survey, without any difficulty you can earn payments. It is a worldwide trusted app so you will not be worried about getting scammed.

App Trailer

App trailer is another app that earns you money. With this application, you can gain profit in your free time. It will pay you for your review, movie trailer, game trailer. You must always try giving good and true feedback will help others to make good things further. Every small review of you on these apps will give you money.


These apps that earn you money also care about your fitness. That is you can earn money while doing exercise. These apps can able to use in both iOS and in Android known as Pact. The app set its task based on your physical capacity. But if you failed to achieve your goal then you have to pay to other users who are achieving their goal. So download the app and set a healthy goal for every week. Once you achieved your goal you will earn money. This app monitored all your activities using GPS, Photos.


It is the ‘A’ one Android app that earns you money and it is known for free recharge and PayTM cash. This app is Indian made and has cores of users. In Taskbucks we have 100 percentages of benefits for every part of this app. We can earn from TaskBucks by completing tasks and offers, Invite and refer to your friends to participate in the daily contest to win the treasure. Using TaskBucks we can do top up mobile and data, PayTM cash, Post-paid bill payment and so on.

U Speak We Pay

You can found Android Mobile Application named “U Speak We Pay”. This great app will help you to earn money. There are already 2 Lakhs Registered users in this app.

How to earn using “U Speak We Pay”?  Download the app from the Google Play store and install it on your smartphone. Select your preferred language and click on the Record Button. Then the app started to show some message and you should read the sentences that appear on the screen. This will earn real money in your account. If you are looking for easy ways to make money, then this application is the best choice for you.


Swagbucks one of the most famous Online Money making apps .you get Cash every day through online shopping, by watching and entertain yourself, browsing through the web, doing surveys, etc. this money paying application became more interesting because it will pay you money on special occasions, like Christmas. This app that earns you money has something new for each month. How can you start to earn from Swagbucks? Download the application, and register your details in it. Log in daily in it to complete tasks, offers, attending surveys, daily polls etc. You will earn Swag points for every activity. Once you reached 750 Swagbucks, you can withdraw cash using PayPal.


Moorish is an app that earns you money. This app will pay you money for activities such as completing tasks, playing games, trying free apps, watching videos, etc. You can earn income as the following way like cash, bitcoin, prepaid top-up recharge voucher, etc. It is an app for entertainment. Here you can even earn money even by watching short videos.


One of the Great apps that earn you money for doing micro tasks. This app is originated in India. RozDhan application is fasted growing Android app and that available in all regional languages.There are different ways to earn money from this android app without any investment.

You can earn money for downloading and sharing the videos with your friends. There is also payment for referring this app. RozDhan contains many micro-quiz programs to increase your profit.You can withdraw your earnings in this app through PayTM, at a minimum of Rs.200.

Surveys on the Go

Here you get paid for sharing your opinions on various things, including the news, technology, entertainment, sports etc. we can download this app in iOS or Android device.  This app notifies you when new surveys are available.


There are many apps that cheat you. So did not make any advance payment and always be careful to use apps that earn you money. It very uses full to you to read reviews before selecting an app. So go and find your pocket money with apps that earn you money.

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