Best Tips and Tricks for Easy Care of Industrial Knives


Best Tips and Tricks for

Easy Care of Industrial Knives

Industrial knives are a way different than usual household knives. No matter if you consider its look, feel or functionality. Industrial blades can be used for cutting, shredding and processing of not only general vegetables; but a wide variety of materials including plastic, wood, metal, and a lot more.

So, for the desired functionality of Industrial knives, it is necessary to maintain it or else you may lose its sharpness. Proper care and handling improve the life of industrial knives, just like household knives.

Now, the question is; what are essential tips and tricks to handle the Industrial Knives? Continue reading for the answer.

Top Tips to Handle Industrial Knives

Once you lose the edges of your Industrial Knife, it is challenging to retain the same level of sharpness; no matter what efforts you make for its repair. However, following some easy tips can help you with maintaining it for long.


  • Keep the Knives Clean


To keep up the life of the product, maintain the cleanliness. Wash it with water; wipe it with a damp and dry cloth after every use. Avoid using soap on the blades; it is not recommended to avail the desired output. It usually results in a reduction in the sharpness of the leaves.


  • Store the Industrial Knife Properly


With every product, you get to see the direction for use as well as guidelines for its maintenance. If you expect the product to last a lifetime, make sure you follow the instructions.

One of the basics to follow for proper care of Industrial knives is store it properly. Do not throw away the packaging box. Use, clean and put it back in the storage box. Now, place it in a safe place. If the knife falls or bumps, you may probably lose its edges.


  • Get a Cover for the Cutting Edge


The important part of the industrial knife is its cutting edge. You must protect it to maintain the life of the product. There is not a single way but multiple ways in which the cutting edge can be protected. You may use a rubber or wooden sheath or a covering moulded out of molten plastic.

You should always cover the blade before placing the knives and blades back to its storage place. There are edge covers available in the market too; you can buy and use them also.

Covering the edge makes sure that nothing hampers the blades of an Industrial Knife when it is not in use.


  • Do not Keep it Immersed in Water


Industrial blades and knives are generally made of stainless steel. It is done to prevent rusting of the product and enhance its quality. However, it is not enough, and it is yet vulnerable to rust if exposed to moisture for a prolonged period.

You must not let the Industrial knife and blades to stay in the water for long. Wash it, clean it and dry it immediately. Shift it to a dry storing place immediately as you are done with the cleaning process.

Although, if you buy American Quicksilver Industrial Knives, then you will realise that these blades are covered with an additional protective layer. It is a rust-preventive layer. This layer is to be applied once on the knife, and it leaves a lasting effect.

If your product is usually kept in a damp and wet place, you can get an additional coat of rust preventive on your knife periodically.


  • Use Potato and White Vinegar to Clean


The starch in the potato is good to maintain the shine of your Industrial Knife and also keep it rust-free. So, make it a habit of rubbing a potato once a day. Rub the potato, rinse it with water and dry it with a cotton cloth.

Similarly, white vinegar is an excellent cleanser for the industrial knife. Immerse your knife for few seconds and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. It will enhance the efficiency of your kitchen knife.

You do not even require water to wash the knife. The less the blade in contact with the moisture, the lower are the chances of getting the blade rusted.

Some of the other effective cleaners for your industrial knife are hot cork, lemon, turpentine, etc. All provide you with necessary cleaning. But, make sure you do not use soap and dishwasher on knives unnecessarily reducing the life of the product.

Final Words

These are some of the straightforward and easy care tricks for your Industrial knives and blades that can be followed regularly. If you are struggling with the life of your industrial knife, follow these easy tips and tricks to enhance the performance of your Industrial Knife as well as get the long lasting of the product.

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