Things to do in the Philippines


Things to do in the Philippines

1. Explore the islands

Gather friends, rent a boat, pay extra to the captain and see where he will take you. If you are lucky, your guide will open to you the non-touristic Philippines with the untouched beauty of wild nature.

You can go snorkeling near the island of Balikasag – swim under the water with a mask and a breathing tube to see the inhabitants of the sea, for example, the zebra lionfish, which is very beautiful but deadly. You could stop by Negros Island and visit the Marine Conservation Center of the Philippines to see the turtles. Be sure to visit the palm-lined Honda Bay, the limestone karsts of Coron Island, and Panay’s picturesque coast.

Throughout the entire trip, you will probably drink water only from coconut and eat only fresh seafood, but this makes your holiday unique.  

2. Take a picture of the tarsiers

The Philippines is one of the few places where a scarce species of tarsier monkeys live. There are two centers of reservation of these rare and cute animals on the island of Bohol: in the cities of Corella and Lombok. Tarsiers are small animals, very kind and disposed to a person, with huge round eyes and soft fur.

3. Visit Sabong

Sabong is a legal cockfight, which is held a couple of times a month. This entertainment is very popular among Filipinos, and therefore a lot of people often gather there to watch it or even earn money on the winner. even came up with online sabong philippines to watch these fights in real-time from mobile devices, if for some reason, you can’t attend live but want to see pinoy online sabong.

4. Swim with whale sharks

Whale sharks live near the southwestern coast of the island of Cebu in a place called Oslob. These giant ocean inhabitants reach up to 20 m in length and are completely safe for humans since they feed exclusively on plankton. For swimming with sharks, you will need a mask, a snorkel, and fins, as well as a small fee for renting a boat with a rower. If you’re doing this activity at night, get a lumitec seablaze spectrum for underwater lighting for your adventures. Sharks swim close to divers, so it will not be challenging to take unique photos and videos. There are many popular places for scuba diving in the Philippines, with rich flora, fauna, and sunken ships. For diving and snorkeling, such places as Subic Bay, Crown Bay, Tubbataha Reef, and dozens of others are suitable.

5. Admire the chocolate hills

This natural wonder is located on the island of Bohol in an area of about 50 thousand square meters. In total, there are about 1700 hills covered with small grassy vegetation in this place. The grass fades in the sun, turning brown, and gives the hills a chocolate hue. The hills resemble anthills located close to each other from a distance so that the view is unique. The height of the hills varies from 30 to 100 meters.

6. Find Kawasan waterfalls

In the jungle on the island of Cebu, there is one of the main places to visit in the Philippines – the Kawasan Waterfalls. The crystal-clear turquoise waters of the three-stage waterfall and the rich tropical vegetation will not leave anyone indifferent. You will have to walk along a narrow path through the jungle and a thicket of impenetrable lianas with two-meter ferns to reach the waterfalls. In addition, it is necessary to overcome three bridges hanging over deep abysses so that on the way to paradise, adventurers will also find some elements of extreme sports for themselves.

7. Learn how to grow rice

The Banaue Rice Terraces are located on the island of Luzon, north of Manila. At the end of the last century, they were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The views of the terraces are fascinating: numerous steps covered with dense vegetation go up into the sky. The total length of the terraces is about 22 thousand square meters. Many centuries ago, a unique irrigation system was created here, which is still working today. Thanks to it, the water can be raised to a height and quickly drain the plantations.

8. Lie on the sand, and then ride the wave

The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands, each of which can be sunbathed. The beaches of Boracay and Alona Beach are known for their crazy parties. Guimaras Island is also a popular place, but if you want to escape from people completely, rent a bamboo boat and go to any of the thousands of unknown shores.

No one has canceled water sports. You can’t go to the Philippines and not surf. Siargao Island is a legendary place that every self-respecting surfer knows about. The enormous waves of the Pacific Ocean attract athletes from all over the world. 

9. Have some food

Sour, sweet, spicy-Filipino food is diverse and unusual. Adobo is one of the most famous national dishes. The main ingredient is meat (pork or chicken), cooked in vinegar and soy marinade. Do you want to remember this trip for a long time? Then order a bull’s tail stewed in a fragrant peanut sauce in a restaurant – it melts in your mouth. Lechon is the main dish at any Filipino feast: a piglet fried on a spit, stuffed with all sorts of herbs and spices. Snacks in the Philippines, oddly enough, include ice cream, coconuts, and jelly.

10. Go shopping

If you want to feel like a real Filipino, then rent a jeep or a tricycle and go to the mall. During their short occupation, the Americans brought the culture of large shopping centers to the islands. The invaders left, but the malls remained. Although, to be honest, native Filipinos are more likely to lie under air conditioners and eat in food courts than buy something. SM Supermall stores are scattered across all cities and islands, you can look there at least for the sake of the Mang Inasal restaurant. It is famous for its spicy barbecue chicken, while Kuya J offers a taste of Filipino cuisine.

When is it better to relax in the Philippines

It is better to go on vacation to the Philippines from November to April. In these months, the sun is not as aggressive as in summer. The air temperature does not rise above +25…+30°C. In the dry season, there are no strong storms, it usually rains at night, and the water in the sea is warmed up to a comfortable +24…+28°C.


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