The fantastic Dwayne Bravo


The West Indies is an extremely entertaining cricket team to watch and follow. Punters can also wager on it by going to the website. It has had some excellent players throughout their history. One particularly illustrious name is Dwayne Bravo.

He was an excellent batsman who normally was selected in the lower part of the order. Yet, from that position, he was still able to greatly help his teams. Additionally, he was also an excellent all-rounder, making him a highly versatile player. Whenever players as dynamic as Bravo perform, you can wager on them through the 1xBet betting platform.

Bravo has had an excellent career since 2002. His performances have made him one of the best performing bowlers in the Twenty20 variation of the sport. As it will be seen, there are lots of aspects to highlight about this player.

Winning trophies all over the world

Dwayne Bravo has been extremely successful in virtually all the teams where he has played. Many teams have had the player on their rosters. Punters can go to – cricket betting India can be made on these teams. Some examples of these squads include:

  • the Chennai Super Kings;
  • the Trinidad and Tobago national team;
  • the Mumbai Indians;
  • and the Melbourne renegades.

During his career, Bravo has performed in approximately 20 different cricket teams from all over the world. He has had lots of success on most of them. The 1xBet India website allows all its members to make some great cricket betting on the best teams from all over the world.

A remarkable international career

Dwayne Bravo was also a key member of the West Indies side. He played on the team between 2002 and 2021. In addition to playing some incredible matches, he also helped the team to win some incredible trophies. The 1xBet iOS app for smartphone can be installed for free and used to wager on this national team.

The West Indies team won the 2012 and 2016 editions of the Twenty20 World Cup. Bravo was a key player of those two teams. Additionally, the squad also won the 2004 edition of the highly entertaining ICC Champions Trophy. That’s a huge number of trophies that probably any player would want to have. The app for iOS smartphones offered by 1xBet also features all matches from these tournaments whenever they are played.

There are other aspects that make Dwayne Bravo’s career even better. For example, he had lots of injuries in his early career. In fact, due to those physical problems, he even considered retiring very early. However, finally in 2006 he managed to gain his foothold. He made a spectacular comeback that made him an amazing cricketer.


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