The Employee Benefits Cloud Computing Can Bring To Your Business


Cloud computing is rising exponentially in popularity and it’s safe to say that before long, it will be the new norm for modern businesses. However, if you are still undecided, give this article a read; we’re going to look specifically at the employee benefits that cloud computing can bring to your business. 

Flexible & secure working 

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm, many employers are now realising the potential in flexible working arrangements for their employees, such as cost savings all around, an increase in productivity (in some cases), and a healthier work-life balance. Here are some of the ways in which cloud computing facilitates flexible working for employees: 

Global access

Enabling your employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection is a huge advantage – both for you and your employees. For example: many businesses make the mistake of losing their most talented employees due to a lack of flexibility. 

Let’s say for example that your top performing employee wants a change of scenery and would like to spend the next 6-months living in South-East Asia. By offering global access you can retain your best worker while empowering them with the ability to work remotely. 

Similarly, for single parents or those who struggle to find childcare, being able to remain at home on certain days to work, while being present for their children is a huge incentive. 

Work on any device

Cloud computing, when executed well, can enable employees to work on practically any device. So, rather than sticking to a Windows PC, certain employees will be able to switch to a Mac without any compatibility issues, or use their mobile / tablet devices. This increased accessibility can empower your employees to work independently in a way that is most comfortable for them. It also means that they can easily submit that client report on the train home rather than stay later than necessary. 

Keep data on the cloud

By keeping all critical business data on the cloud you reduce the risk of employees using their own devices to store data and documents. Not only is this a great security advantage for you, but it can help protect employees against any accidental damage to—or loss of—data that may otherwise cost them their jobs. 

Flexible seating / ‘hot desking’

While full-time employees will typically enjoy having their own dedicated space, cloud computing can make life easier for part-time employees or those who perhaps spend part of the week in the office and the rest of their time working from home by facilitating flexible seating (aka ‘hot desking’). 

Improve collaboration 

Communication and ease of data flow is critical for modern businesses. This can enable employees to work together with greater ease and consistency. For example:

  • Sharing files and various docs in cloud storage
  • Sharing data instantly using cloud-based apps
  • Communicating virtually with various video conferencing / screen sharing apps
  • Collaborating on projects in multiple locations 
  • Offering temp access to certain docs for freelancers and other third-parties 

All of which can be done safely and securely. 

Final thoughts

All in all, by partnering with reputable Australian cloud providers, you can easily improve the working environment and culture for your employees. Through digital transformation you can empower them with greater flexibility leading to increased productivity, incentivised staff, and easily retain those top performers. 

It can also make life much easier for your IT department, allowing them to update software easily, troubleshoot issues remotely, and so much more. 


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