Implementation of the main idea of ​​Theneurosphere – SYPWAI project


Implementation of the main idea of ​​Theneurosphere – SYPWAI project

The SYPWAI project gained its fame back in 2018, when its founder, Theneurosphere, managed to win a grant for a record amount. Funding was provided by Lifeasapa, which for several years has been dedicated to helping startups grow by organizing funding and promoting them.

The initial idea of ​​Theneurosphere was to create an artificial intelligence platform that could not only be convenient but also solve many problems, even on a global scale. People encounter artificial intelligence every day using the Internet, search engines, smartphones, and other gadgets.

The SYPWAI project itself is the largest platform that today helps the largest organizations to optimize their work and makes it easier to solve many problems. The machine is capable of analyzing such an amount of data that would be beyond the power of a person, thanks to which it is possible to easily detect problems in a business and quickly find a solution.

How ordinary users contribute to science

As it has known, the work of machine intelligence is impossible without the participation of people. Moreover, the scientists of Theneurosphere company have found a solution. They not only attracted users but also made it possible to provide them with earnings for their work.

Ordinary users are the key to the success of the platform, as the SYPWAI founders believe. The registered ones are required to perform the simplest tasks, due to which there is constant training of artificial intelligence, which in turn collects and stores this data, and then uses it to work with companies.

User work goes in two directions: general and specialized. It is easy to guess that the first one is suitable for almost everyone who can distinguish a hare from a wolf in the picture. In addition, in the second case, skills in narrow profiles will be required, which can be confirmed by passing IQ testing.

The work with the platform is ongoing; it provides tremendous assistance to all new companies and attracts more and more customers and investors.

The founders of the SYPWAI project consider the emphasis in their work not only on the creation and the improvement of the project but on the quality of its work and the development of companies that turn to Theneurosphere for help. The initial idea of ​​creating a platform is to work for the benefit of ordinary people, startups, corporations, and the largest holdings. Besides, the project allows earning money to those who help to work on it.

Every day, specialists, users, and everyone who wants to contribute to the development of the neural network makes their unbearable contribution. If a problem is discovered, tasks are sent out to hundreds of thousands of users who begin to tackle the problem. Next, the system analyzes all the options obtained and, based on the data obtained, finds a way to solve the problem.

The founders of the project have something to be proud of because they managed to recreate their idea and make a truly working product, which became a real salvation for many companies.



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