The Corporate Advantages of Fully-Furnished Serviced Apartments


The Corporate Advantages of

Fully-Furnished Serviced Apartments

Times are changing and with that business styles are changing as well. Going for business tours and trips were previously allotted for people at top management levels only. But today, even an ordinary employee of a company might have to go on an official business trip. And this has become quite a common norm now. Usually clients are located at different destinations and in different states.

Also, it might happen that the same company has branches in different cities of the same country or even in international destinations. Employees need to travel to these destinations for work and if needed stay there for some time.

It is quite difficult to ascertain from the beginning as how long a business requirement might last and for how many days the employee has to live at the other destination. Seeking accommodation in a hotel was the only option available to them. And it is needless to say that the expenses of such stays used to be pretty high. Since the company has to pay for the accommodation, it is obvious that they would look for cheaper alternatives without compromising on the comfort factor of the employees. The best solution to this problem was found with fully-furnished serviced apartments.

What are serviced apartments ?

The Corporate Advantages of Fully-Furnished Serviced Apartments
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There are different names by which serviced apartments are called in different places. While in some places they are referred to as furnished apartments, in other places, they are known as extended stay apartments. These kinds of apartments were actually built keeping business travelers in mind. However, now such apartments are also rented by general people, students, workers who come from a different country to work in a certain place and so on. Usually these apartments are given out on short-term agreement or on temporary basis.

What led to the popularity of

fully-furnished serviced apartments ?

With increasing demands of business trips and tours, need for accommodation and lodging increased for the employees. It was obvious that the costs of hotel accommodation also increased with time and with the period of stay of the person. Managing expenses became a serious issue with many businesses. Choosing corporate housing options in the form of service apartments became a preferred choice with most businesses and organizations.

It is true that the initial costing of building such apartments would involve some kinds of investments, but it would be a one-time thing. Anyone who would come for business trip would be able to use the same apartment. Hence, recurring costs would be minimized to a great extent. When calculations were done, it was found that savings of almost 25-60% could be made with this step. However, the location of the apartments also played a crucial role in the same.

Employees no longer need to stay in cramped low cost hotel rooms uncomfortably and avail mediocre or low grade services there. Instead of this, staying in serviced apartments is a much better idea. These apartments are equipped with the best facilities and amenities and comfortable, safe living is guaranteed. The furniture and in-home equipments which are installed in these serviced apartments are of the best quality so that there is no compromise with the quality and standard of life. In fact, some of the apartments for rent in Alexandria are luxuriously and lavishly done and look like some star hotel and nothing less than that.

Different kinds of

fully-furnished serviced apartments to choose from

You will be surprised to see the different kinds of fully furnished serviced apartments, which are commonly built by organizations for accommodating business travelers. While some of the apartments are single-bedroom; some are two-bedroom and three-bedroom as well. The kind of apartment allotted depends on the designation of the person who is visiting as well.

Again sometimes, many business executives bring their families as well and they need a larger accommodation place – for them two-bedroom and three-bedroom option is excellent. The best thing about the apartments is that they are cost-effective and extremely comfortable at the same time.

Location of

fully-furnished serviced apartments

It has been seen that these fully-furnished serviced apartments are usually located at serene and tranquil place. If the environment is peaceful and tranquil, it is possible for the employees to unwind and relax when they are not working. So, when they return to work, they can devote their best and their productivity is increased. The performance of the employees also get better. On the whole, it is the benefit for the organization only.

At the same time, the apartments are not very far from the main business organization. This is done to ensure that employees do not waste much time in commuting from the apartment to the office. Also, the risks of getting stuck in traffic jam can be averted with this step. Traveling expenses are also kept under control. Usually the apartments are at walking distance or a very short ride distance from the office complex.

Apart from business travelers, many students and general employees also look to rent serviced apartments as these are cheaper accommodation options when compared to many other accommodation sources. Since the apartments are furnished, there is no need to spend anything on new installations and equipment, saving lots of expenses.

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