The Best Cricket Betting Guide: Free Cricket Betting Tips


In India, cricket is more than simply a game. It is an intrinsic part of Indian culture and generates significant revenue through several ancillary avenues.  Indians are ardent supporters of the nation’s favourite sport. The Indian cricketers are revered and treated like heroes. India’s remarkable accomplishments in cricket are responsible for its huge popularity. Success in the ICC World Cup, the Champions Trophy, and other international tournaments has fuelled this popularity. The intense involvement of millions of supporters and the availability of online cricket betting sites has created a natural demand for supporters to consider betting on their favourite sport in India.  

This article takes you through the process of Cricket Betting online with convenience. So keep reading to understand the rules, rewards, and pitfalls of online cricket betting in India.

Is online cricket Betting Legal in India?

This question would be foremost in the minds of beginners. The Public Gambling Act distinguishes between various types of betting.  Online betting is legal. Thus those who participate in it are not breaking any rules or laws.

What Cricket Matches Can You Bet On?

Cricket betting online continues to gain in popularity. As a result, after football, it has become the second most viewed sport in the world. There are many different cricket leagues, matches, and tournaments for fans to bet on. They can potentially generate sizable winnings for bettors with a comprehensive understanding of the betting process.  

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the chief cricket governing body. It is in charge of planning the international cricket competitions. Keep a track of the tournament schedules and plan your betting exposure and strategies accordingly. 

There are three main categories of international cricket matches;  Test matches, ODIs, and T20s.

  • Test Cricket

All international cricket matches are played between two teams having eleven players each. A test match is played for five days over two innings for each team. The outcome of a test match can be a win, draw, or tie. 

Test cricket competitions involve ten nations; England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe. Tread cautiously as a beginner, as Test matches can swing either way and over five days depending on various factors.

  • One Day Cricket

50 overs per inning are played during a one-day cricket match. Since this game lasts for one day, it is popular to bet on because it offers a result in a day.  One Day cricket fans can bet on several tournaments and series, the most popular being the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy.

  • T20 Cricket

It is the shortest and most exciting version of cricket. In the T20 format, each team can bat for twenty overs, with a match getting over in around 3 hours. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most popular Twenty20 cricket league in the world with millions of television viewers. 

Every year, the event runs from March until May. Ten teams from eight different Indian regions compete for the biggest title. This year the number of teams was increased to twelve. It sees participation from the biggest stars of world cricket and offers a mouth-watering opportunity for cricket fans to indulge and place bets on various possible outcomes.

Options for betting on cricket matches

Cricket enthusiasts have a large selection of online betting choices. Depending on your interests, you can place bets by selecting the tournament’s format, the winner, and the season. Each competition’s panel will provide the precise betting possibilities available.

Cricket Betting Odds

The success of your online cricket bet will mostly depend on your ability to predict the match’s outcome correctly.

Some popular bets are:

  • Winner of the toss
  • Runs scored in the first 5/6/10/15/20 overs, and so on. 
  • Total runs scored by the teams / Number of run-outs / fours / total sixes  and more
  • Wide balls / Total ducks
  • Highest scorer/ highest wicket-taker 
  • Number of extras conceded/ run-outs / stumpings / catches /catches by the wicket-keeper
  • Player of the Match
  • Innings Runs / Dismissals  
  • Player Of The Series
  • Note: the above are a few of the possibilities for placing bets. 

The golden rule of online sports betting is never to bet more than you can afford. Understanding the cricket bet odds and placing your bets accordingly is a fundamental guideline. Calculating the odds is crucial before placing any bets. Cricket betting is an interesting and stimulating subject that requires in-depth research into statistics, game circumstances, and in-play variables. All cricket-related news should be taken into consideration. This analysis will assist you in developing a plan before engaging in online betting.

Ranking and rating analysis

Before selecting a bet, consider ranking and ratings. Every cricket team has an official rating based on the total number of points and wins. The teams are ranked accordingly, and aids bettors and sports enthusiasts in understanding how well a particular team is performing this year. 


Cricket is an outdoor game. Thus the weather has a massive impact on possible outcomes. 

When placing a cricket wager, it is important to check the weather prediction. It provides information regarding the match’s possible outcome. For instance, inclement weather can mean that a match may be truncated or end in a no-result. 


The location is integral in cricket since it determines the type of pitch or wicket. Pitches in the sub-continent are known to aid spinners while seamers excel on pitches in England. Venues in South Africa and Australia have fast and bouncy pitches. 

Consider In-Play Variables

Besides the weather and the ground conditions, there are other in-play variables to consider:


A coin toss bet can have significant implications. The team winning the toss decides to bat or bowl depending on the weather, pitch, and bowling attack. It can significantly impact the outcome of the match as it progresses.


Create a winning betting plan by thoroughly researching players, their strong and weak aspects, and the history of the team’s results. Do they perform better at home? Is the team selection in consonance with the pitch and match condition? What is the quality and record of the players?


Some new bettors and cricket fans want to make significant winnings right away. Therefore, they aim for excellent outcomes from the beginning, although they lack the mindset or necessary experience for it.

Keeping your goals realistic is crucial. Track your cricket bets frequently and over time. Making the proper decisions requires research, patience, and consistency.

How Do Online Betting Sites Work?

A user-friendly interface and simple terms are features of online cricket betting. First, you must register and deposit funds before you can place bets. Select cricket as your sport. Choose a contest or tournament and start placing your bets. Both upcoming and current games are available for betting.

The next step is for you to make a forecast and select the corresponding outcome. Once you have decided, you can modify the amount you are betting on. Steps for online betting:

  • Registration
  • Deposit funds
  • Select the matches and tournaments you want to bet on


Betting responsibly is a thrilling possibility and gives the options for bettors to maximize their winnings from their cricket predictions. Cricket Betting online provides the widest selection of betting options and sporting events. Match winner, toss winner, total run-outs, fours and sixes, top bowlers and batsmen, and many other outcomes are all available for betting. To sum up, a strong strategy and understanding of Cricket Bets Odds are essential for being a successful bettor.


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