How Technology Has Changed Education In The last 10 Years


How Technology Has Changed Education In The last 10 Years

In the last ten years, technology has succeeded in impacting almost every aspect of our lives. Today, online shopping is no longer a new phenomenon; rather, it’s the norm. The same applies to online learning. More and more credible online sites have been created to ensure everyone can pursue a degree. Even, in case a student is willing to ask an online essay writer for writing a paper.

A cynic would say technology has done nothing to change education in the last 10 years. Why so? Well, today, like in the past, lecturers still stand at the podium, and students sit in rows to listen to what the professor has to say. However, they’d be wrong because change goes beyond the structure of lecture halls.

Aside from the expanded access to education, technology also ensures students have an easier time communicating and collaborating to do projects. Through collaborative studying, students learn a lot from each other.

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  • Accessibility to Information

The main advantage technology has brought to the academic sphere is better access to information. Anyone with a smartphone and a strong internet connection can find answers to whatever questions they have. Students have an easy time completing assignments because Google is everyone’s friend.

Technology has profoundly impacted education because absolutely anyone can access formal education. You don’t even have to attend on-campus lectures to graduate with a degree. There are countless universities that offer their courses online for students unable to keep up with normal lecture hours.

  • Flexibility

It’s hard to come by an individual who doesn’t have a busy schedule today. The world is so first paced that you’d wake up one day to realize you’re 30. Thanks to technology, you can ensure you pursue all the degrees you want before then. Thanks to technology, you can learn at your own pace and not worry about being left behind.

Because people are so busy, it’s so hard to prioritize when everything seems to be important. You can now pursue further studies, support your family, go to your part-time job, have a social life, and have time for yourself as well because education is flexible.

You can learn from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. External degrees allow you to take courses offered by prestigious universities, even if you’re in another continent. The world today is indeed a global village.

  • Seamless Interactions

If you need to meet with friends for a group discussion, all you have to do is text them. The beauty of today’s education system is you actually don’t have to meet to make the group discussion a reality. Thanks to apps like Skype, you can easily have a group discussion over the internet.

Besides, applications like Google Docs allow you to work on assignments together. The application automatically saves all the changes made on the document. You no longer have to worry about missing a class even if you don’t have the time table. There are applications that allow your friends to record lectures for you whenever you’re not in school.

  • Online Tests

In case there is a concept you don’t fully understand, consider looking at online tests. These quizzes come with solutions you can easily follow. Studying has been made so much easier that failing is but a choice.

Schools have also adopted the online testing system. Students no longer need pen and paper during examinations. Online testing is much easier because it makes marking easier for professors. E-assignments are impartial and quite effective because it helps reduce errors during marking.

  • Education Meets Individuals’ Special Needs

Unlike in the past where education was a one fits all paradigm, today, teachers can customize learning. Teachers have access to resources that help them keep track of every student’s performance. Students with special needs can now share classes with other kids and not worry about feeling out of place.

In the past, the education system was so rigid that it could not accommodate a child who was not perceived as normal. Technology has pushed the boundaries that define normal off the cliff. The accessible nature of education today ensures no one is discriminated against.

  • Learning is Life Long

The fact that you’ve graduated out of college does not mean that learning ends here. Thanks to technology, education, and learning are now lifelong. Today’s world is knowledge-driven, and people use every opportunity they get to learn something new.


Technology has had a significant impact on technology. Now anyone with access to the internet can pursue formal education. The flexibility allows you to educate yourself without ignoring your other responsibilities.

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