Why should teachers push students to do better?


Why should teachers push students to do better?

Education has a diverse form and is imparted by the academicians after gaining a healthy knowledge about the subject. The one whom we call as a teacher has always held a very important role in any student’s life. It is an important social opportunity, and the profession is a blessing to mankind. Sharing knowledge has always been fruitful as it never decreases; instead, it allows you to understand the different perspectives of students. A teacher plays an important role in converting the information gathered to knowledge for their students. This leads to a positive impact on society and affects the masses in large. The good deed of social values is spread wide across.

The hidden story of Kota

Kota has always been in the limelight for the excellent results and the environment provided to the students preparing for their competitive examinations through various coaching institutes. Every year lakhs of students flock to that city in Rajasthan leaving behind their family and friends to prepare for entrance examinations of premier institutes in India. The challenge for teachers at Kota is to keep the students highly engaged and motivated by their subjects. They spend ample of their time with students nurturing them to stand apart from their peers and become a leader. Their role holds utmost importance as they become their closest support in the unfamiliar city. The teachers dedicatedly help the students in polishing their knowledge through fun-filled exercises, exciting activities and much more to break the monotony of the subject pressure. Their way of teaching offers the student to groom with self-confidence and agility.

Motivation as a wealth

The environment in the classroom is important for proper learning and gaining knowledge. The role of teachers is an important factor in the lives of students. A cheerful and motivate students may work wonders as compared to a student who has bogged down with subject. If the frustration of not understanding the subject builds up, then it would eventually become toxic for the student’s career. The teacher should push students to work hard and smart. The cutthroat competition is increasing every passing year, and only a motivated student can get through this. The motivation for students would enhance their ability to work and increase their efficiency. It would make them work hard and act as a booster when they are feeling low. It also provides them with confidence and builds trust.

The teacher-student duo

A strong teacher-student relationship would call for a healthy learning environment. The dedication of the student towards the subject in unleashed effectively once proper learning is imparted to the students. But to keep this cycle going, one would definitely require motivation from their teachers in whom they have utmost faith. The bond between the student and teacher can produce excellent results which can be beneficial for society. The learnings imparted stays with a student for life, and a motivated would always take this as a reflection throughout their life. It will make them goal oriented and focused on achieving their aspirations. The dedication of student is impulsive to the expression of their teacher. A teacher who motivates its student is their best mentor working towards a noble cause.

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