TALOS ( Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit ) ” Iron Man Suit ”


TALOS – Iron Man Suit


Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit or TALOS is a military robotic exoskeleton designed to protect the lives of military operatives, monitor their vitals and to enhance their abilities. TALOS is also weaponized and bulletproof. The idea for TALOS was proposed by Admiral William McRaven, then-commanding officer of the United States Special Operations Command. The main objective of TALOS is to protect the operative or leader of the team who breaches the door in hostile situations or enemy territory as he is the most vulnerable person in the team and the main target in such situations. Therefore, it is bulletproof, weaponized and displays all the vital stats (such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and it also enhances the physical abilities and perception of the operative who wears it. Right now it under development phase and five prototypes and been presented so far.

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Some of its envisioned features are : –

  • Intelligent weight distribution
  • Low power requirement
  • Low suit profile to fit under the existing uniform
  • Integrated components to provide joint support
  • Remain compliant and flexible

In simple words it is a robotic suit that an operative can wear which can add to his capabilities by making him somewhat invincible instantaneously. It’s a war suit which is fully weaponized and has many tiny sensors that monitors the body vitals of the user, and it can also protect its user from bullets and other stuff that can his any physical harm.

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The concept of TALOS is quite similar to the Marvel’s “Iron Man” movie, where the lead character of the movie builds himself a metal suit out of scrap. And this suit protects him gunshots, punches & kicks and other bad guys’ stuff. And since this suit was kind of invincible so he thought,” Hey! I can be a super hero”, (or might have thought). Then he went on his crusade to save the world although he was a normal man with no super powers but his suit was no less than a super power to him as it enhanced his physical powers, made him stronger than before and also provided him an assistance by monitoring and telling him his vitals (which can be quite handy at times of war).

Hence, it has a striking resemblance to this movie suit, therefore, it is now being referred to be as ‘Iron Man Suit’. The US government is still working on making all of this possible by conducting researches, building prototypes, and testing them to meet the expectations. So, far it is still being developed and is expected to be showcased in the summer of 2018.


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