How to Store Your Wine the Best Way


How to Store Your Wine the Best Way

In one particular evening, you decided you want to celebrate something and have some liquor. With that in mind, you bought favorite wine to drink later. Then you changed your mind and decided to store your favorite wine and drink it some other time.

There are steps you must consider when you want to store your Sokolin wines since not all of them are for long term aging. Most vintages are intended to be drunk a few years after they are released, while others can last for a long time in storage that is suitable for storing.

The following steps are the dos and don’ts in storing wine if you decided to age your wine for later consumption.

  • Always keep it cool

Never let your bottles of wine be warm, heat is wine’s most hated enemy, take note. Seventy degrees Fahrenheit is the approximate temperature for wine, anything more than that can result in your wine being “cooked,” making all the aroma and flavors of your wine bland or tasteless.

  • Not too cold though

You can keep your wine in your refrigerator for a couple of months but not more than that. The temperature of fridges falls on 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it suitable to store perishables safely. Keep in mind that prolonging your bottles of wine in this temperature will cause the bottle’s cork to be dry, eventually letting air seep inside the container, damaging the quality of your wine. Some people store it in the freezer for a long duration. When the wine freezes, the liquid will expand inside the bottle and will push out the cork from the bottle.

  • Stash the wine properly

You can keep your wine in a cool cupboard if you don’t have a wine cooler or a safe storage space to keep it. Your basement would be an excellent storage facility too, as long as it is cold and is free of mold and dampness. Warm places are not right like kitchen cupboards or attics. However, if you can invest yourself in buying a wine cooler, it is fine to keep it in the kitchen.

  • Keep your wine away from the sun

While it is good for the grapes to have some sunlight, wine is subject to damages in its tastes and aromas in prolonged exposure to UV light. The sunshine would make your wine age prematurely, making the wine undesirable.

  • Always store them sideways

If you saw wine cellars in person or on the television, you can see that wine bottles are stored sideways. There is a reason for that. Wine bottles are stored sideways because with this; the wine will always touch the cork, keeping the cork moisturized, not letting the cork be dry and let air seep inside the bottle. If you are cautious, you can put screw caps on the cork, or plastic corks beside the main cork.

  • Avoid moving it too much

Some wine experts say that constant swaying or movement can damage the wine itself. The vibration from the actions will have a significant impact on the quality of the wine. So keeping it in a tight and secure spot would be beneficial in the long term.

  • Buy a wine cooler

Wine coolers are typically designed for serving purposes only and not for the long term. If you decided on storing your wine bottles for a long time and looking for a place where you can save your wines in the long run, then building your wine cellar would do. Wine cellars are cabinets that you can store wines for a long time. It could also be a whole room where you can save plenty of bottles of wine in one place.

Make sure to keep a constant temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, as it is the optimal temperature for keeping wines. Build the wine cellar away from the sunlight. The basement would be the best for this. Also, keep it away from vibrations as it may harm your wine’s quality.

As said earlier, basements are the best in terms of storing your wine since they meet the cold and dark requirements for a wine cellar. With the right temperature, it is the ideal place for storage. It is far away from sunlight, keeping it safe from UV rays which will lower the quality of your wine. Not to mention, the typical basement can be spacious so that you can store a lot of wine.

  • Takeaway

There are a lot of things to be considered if you want to keep your wine. To keep it away from damage and to retain its qualities, or even storing it to be more refined, a facility where it is cold and dark would be the perfect place to store your wine.

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