How to Stay Motivated When Things Get Tough ?


How to Stay Motivated When Things Get Tough ?

Someone once said, “When things get tough, the tough get going.” Life is not a straight line, sometimes things change. This happens to everyone regardless of your social, political, or economic status in the society. In this article, we are going to discuss tips on how to stay motivated when things get tough.

  • Ask yourself a question

Why am I doing this? Focus on why you must finish a task. If you focus on finishing a task, your mind will not waiver away. Distractions are obstacles you must overcome. Do not entertain any thoughts that will pull you away from your workstation before you finalize the work you are doing. There is a reason you are doing what you are doing. Perhaps you have a bank loan to clear or school fees to pay for your siblings. You need money for the holiday and pay your bills. Finishing the task you are doing is the key to solving all these things you are planning to do. Stay focused and you will accomplish anything you do.

  • Prioritize your tasks

To succeed in your plans, prepare a list of tasks in order of importance. Identify the most important task that takes you closer to your goal. This must be your primary task. The primary task is the one that comes first on your daily schedule. If check your list of tasks, there are some that you can postpone easily though they are also important to your goal. These are your secondary tasks. 

  • The power of routine

Having identified your tasks, the next thing you need to do is to form a habit of executing the primary task daily. Make it a habit that every morning you wake up to execute your primary task when you are still energetic. By so doing you will find yourself make success and moving towards the right direction. Kobe Bryant made a routine of waking up every morning to do free throws; he ended up man of the NBA celebrities.

  • Put notifications

We have just observed that some tasks, especially the secondary ones are easily postponeable. That is why you need to put a reminder to alert you on these. You will notice that secondary tasks are usually many and require execution at different times. Failure to execute these secondary tasks may delay the achievement of the primary goal. Set up reminders on your phone, calendar, computer, diaries on these secondary tasks.

  • Treat yourself well

To keep the fire burning within you, make sure you celebrate your achievement every time you succeed in your set objective. This could mean taking some tour excursion or having a good time partying with friends. Celebrating your achievement is a sure way of boosting your performance towards your goal.

Harvard University drops out turned to be the richest man in the world. Reading the right kinds of literature are also very good triggers for the mind. The world is full of people who rose from scratch to become billionaires. Get online and do a search for eBooks, which will propel you to your desired goal.

  • Take control of your actions

What you do is what you get. It is important to know that your actions will affect your results. Any decision you make as an individual will either move you to your goal or drag you back. At the same time your external action, can create obstacles to your progress, or facilitate your success. Take both controls of your internal decision-making and external actions.

  • Make friends with likeminded people

It is common for people to share what they are doing with friends. Do not link up with individuals who will distract you away from your set goals. Some people are there to mislead and discourage you from realizing your goal. These are the people you should avoid at all cost. If you have friends who are interested in what you are doing, then you are better off friends who will support your idea, give their positive opinions. Bunches of critics are very discouraging. They will exhaust even the little motivation you have and make you empty like them.

  • Do not take challenges personally

Simply put, do not blame yourself. See your failures as a lesson learnt. Many people have failed in the past only rise again to triumph. You can make it like them. Self-blame game, de-motivates and distract attention all the time. Instead, see it as a lesson never to repeat in your journey to success.

  • Positive mind

This is your inner conviction that whatever the circumstances you will make it. Ones you have this conviction, regardless of pain, obstacles, losses, distance, delays you will achieve whatever you set out to do. This winning mind will miraculously guide you over any obstacles to your goal. People who have become champions in any discipline in sports and those who have excelled in academic pursuits know understands this better.


As you struggle to fulfill your goals, it is good to monitor little successes. Recognize that your smaller winnings contribute to your overall success in the achievement of your primary goal. Count your blessings and celebrate even your little wins. Stay focused that everything is possible with determination and never give up on what you have set out to execute.

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