Seven Ways to Stay Self – Motivated in SSC CPO Exam


Seven Ways to Stay Self – Motivated in SSC CPO Exam

The Staff Selection Commission recruits for multiple vacancies. The examination is tough to crack and needs a great set of mind throughout the examination’s grilling process. Candidates applying for SSC CPO Exam have to read various SSC CPO Books in order to crack the exam. Completing the syllabus is itself a challenge and the comprehensive exam with different phases makes the process more grilling. Here, self-motivation becomes important. To smoothen your preparation journey, we have listed seven different ways to stay self-motivated.

Seven Ways to Stay Self – Motivated in SSC CPO Exam

1. To-Do-List

To-Do-List is the most organized way to start your day. Whenever we have multiple things lined up for a day, we tend to forget things and miss on the most important thing to be done for the day. To avoid such things, you must have a habit to make a To-Do-List for the day. These are nothing but to remind and manage your time accordingly and will keep you motivated to work hard and complete your day’s activity without feeling depressed.

2. Set Small Goals

While setting up a goal, try to keep it small. This is because small goals will take less time to achieve it. Accomplishing small goals will keep you happy and motivated to achieve more. Small Goals are usually treated as daily goals. For E.g. If you have to read a book for a day, you will set a number of pages as your daily goal.

3. Be Organized

It is very important to be organized when you have decided to achieve something way beyond other’s expectations. Being organized means having your monthly calendar or a daily To-Do-List with a target to accomplish in a set period of time. Well, having both the things will be more pleasant for you to be motivated as you will be knowing the pending syllabus to start with other books.

4. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself, Yes you read it right! You deserve to be treated well. You have worked hard with all dedication to reach here and so you must reward yourself. Be it a daily reward, weekend reward, or monthly reward you must be rewarded. The reward could be anything such as having your favorite ice-cream, dessert, or outing. It completely depends on you what you love. Always remember that self-rewarding will keep you motivated and will help you stick to your goals.

5. Track your Progress

Now, it’s time to check your progress on how far you have come in your preparation. While studying and rewarding yourself you won’t realize how long you have come to but results will definitely shock you and this will keep you motivated to study more. Keeping a track of progress means you are analyzing your preparation and sticking to your scheduled timetable which is again a good thing.

6. Turn Negative into Positive

There are many times when you will feel dejected and depressed but it doesn’t mean that your dreams will never become your personality. Learn to make yourself strong. Turn negative circumstances into positive and grab the opportunity. Do whatever you feel is right. Avoid negative energy, friends, relatives, or thoughts. Remember, once a failure is not always a failure. It cannot decide your worth but it lands on a page where you need to analyze what went wrong. Whenever you feel depressed, talk to someone who you think would be the right person to guide and suggest ways to tackle things around but simply don’t let the things go out of your hand.

7. Let your Surrounding resemble the Real You

Sounds interesting, right? This is the first most important thing you must do to keep yourself motivated. Read the success stories that give ideas to succeed but do not forget to read failures as well because it discovers the ways that didn’t work. Keep yourself surrounded with motivational quotes. Read motivational books (at least a page daily). This will calm you and enhance your thought process which will further help you grasp the topics.

This examination has high cut-offs and as an aspiring candidate for the SSC CPO Exam, you must know the SSC CPO Exam Cut Off that will help you strategize your preparation and will keep you motivated to work hard to get selected. In the process, the above-listed ways will definitely keep you motivated if followed rigidly.

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