Spotlight : Three possible careers from home


There are many benefits from working from home. There is the amount of time saved of not commuting backward and forward to the office, as well as the stress that delays and traffic jams can cause, just to name a few.

Spending some time looking into careers that you can run from your own home and that are suited to you and your lifestyle is time well spent, especially if you act on it and take your future into your own hands, and excel at what you are good at or what interests you.

Become a virtual assistant

There are many small businesses around that have no desire or wish to employ their own receptionist or typist but do actually require the services of this kind of assistant. This is really good as it then opens the door to the world of the virtual assistant.

Being a virtual assistant means that you are doing the work of front-end office staff but not necessarily for just one person or business. This is great for the business as they will be able to give the impression to their customers of being a larger business, or being able to spend more time on the services that they gain their money for and only be paying for your services and the time that is used for their business. It is even better for you as it means that you can work for multiple businesses and get the wage that you desire for the number of hours you put in.

Become a cloud computing professional

Cloud computing is an expanding business sector that offers so much to the job marketplace. Many businesses use the cloud for their day-to-day running, and with so many avenues open to learn in and develop your knowledge looking into cloud computing, whether you are choosing your first career or are wanting to change career later in life is well worth looking into.

Some highly reputable businesses are offering training courses that will provide a google certification at the end of the course. This is really good as it will help you gain access into a business sector that offers plenty of jobs, new areas to learn and gain additional certification, as well as very desirable salaries.

It is totally feasible to gain a working job role within the cloud computing sector and either be able to work remotely from home, carry out hybrid working or even go all out and work for yourself and subcontract your skills and services out to smaller businesses that need good and friendly support.

Amazon publishing on demand

Amazon on demand is another really good home working business to run. This uses the amazon platform to sell your goods, and the best bit about it is that your goods do not have to be stored or produced by you, merely designed by yourself.

These goods are such items as calendars, notebooks, journals, and planners, to name but a few. You will need to upload your designs to amazon in PDF form, and when a customer buys your product, Amazon will produce it for you for a small fee and then pass on to you the profit of your sale.


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