Spend Elon’s money in 30 seconds | Online game challenge

Money is something that can make anybody smile, correct me if I am wrong. But, don’t we all love money and the best part is we have our own ways of spending money when we have it. So, let’s give you a hint about today’s article. It involves our loved and fan-favorite guy “Elon Musk” and his current net worth. I can already imagine you guys smiling, Let’s get your imagination a bit wilder… What if you had the opportunity to spend Elon’s fortune game.

I am sure you have seen weirder things online, let’s talk about today’s weird, A British car rental company “Leasing options” has released an online game that will let you spend Elon Musk’s current net worth which is around $161 billion on various things like rockets, cars and everything weird that Elon loves. But, you gotta do it all in 30 seconds. You might already think keeping your spending habits in mind, would be a cakewalk for you, right?

Trust me, 30 seconds proves to be very less even if you start buying rockets over rockets. The game has a very straightforward name “Spend Elon’s money” and I will put the link here so that you do not waste any more time looking for 160 billion and concentrate more on how to spend it?

As they say, time wasted is money wasted, this saying particularly stands true in this Spend Elon’s fortune game’s case.

After playing the game I have realized that the whole point of the game is to make you realize that How much of an amount $160 billion is as it not only gives you the option to buy private jets, mansions, Falcon 9 rockets but, it has dedicated buttons which will let you basket buy these orders in multiples like for starters you can buy 10 falcons 9 rocket at once with just a click of a button and you still would be far from denting Elon’s fortune and the best part is you also have the option to choose a Mcdonald’s big mac over falcon 9 rocket. I mean definitely, there are people who would prefer to spend Elon’s fortune game on Big macs rather than falcon9’s and Private jets.

I still could not figure out really, What this game has to do with a car leasing company and that too a British one? Let me know if you guys were able to figure it out.

All in all my best guess would be that it all seems like a simple marketing tactic to gain attention and make a brand name by using two of the most famous things on the internet

  • Elon Musk

  • Elon Musk’s net worth

I wish they used Doge too…It would have been a lot more viral than it is now. I would have spent the whole net worth on Doge’s, What do you think?

Do not try to win the game as it will spoil the fun for you, there is no winning in this case, even if you win you ain’t getting anything. Just have fun and you can read our other articles to build your own 160 billion in real or virtual, Whatever you prefer? Remember there are people who are choosing Big macs over Falcon 9 and private jets.


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