SMPP service providers : Bulk SMS services for your food chain business


SMPP service providers : offering world-class bulk SMS services for your food chain business

Communicating with people and potential audience is the best way to grow business in the food industry. Being a part of this industry, the more you interact with the potential audience, the more are you to get business and regular customers. SMPP service provider helps you to establish such communication with your target public with the assistance of SMS services.

Yes, you did read it correctly! SMS communication has been a part of our daily lives for over a decade. We feel easy interacting using short messages owing to its swift channeling and comfort. Using these benefits as the primary base, SMPP service providers have come up with bulk SMS solutions via SMPP protocol, which can be used by business units to interact with tens of thousands of mobile users within a few seconds. Simply put, mass messaging or bulk SMS is the dissemination of short SMS to a massive number of audiences using telecommunication internet protocols and SMS services.

SMPP server provider in India: offering the best bulk SMS

Short message peer to peer (an acronym for SMPP) is an industry-standard, open-source telecom protocol used for exchanging SMS between Short messaging centers (SMSCs) and external messaging entities (SMEs). SMPP server provider in India enables business units to send messages to tons of mobile users by using level 7 TCP/IP internet protocol.

Let us spring further by identifying the applications of SMPP services in the food industry.

  • With SMPP services at your disposal, you are all set to interact with tens of thousands of potential audiences simultaneously. You can grab this chance to send your potential customers and existing clients promotional bulk SMS detailing about your restaurant/club/pub outlet, dishes offered, etc.
  • Everyone links offers and discounts. You might wish to send potential customers attractive coupons and discounts messages which can be redeemed when they dine-in at your outlet.
  • Sending confirmation messages and schedules is another interesting application of bulk SMS that is offered by SMPP service provider like MsgClub. You can send your customers booking confirmation via SMS services. These personalized messages can be automatically sent to the concerned booking phone numbers along with the details like date of dining, time slot booking, charges, outlet address, geo-links and much more.

Understanding SMPP services

Traditionally, if you are to send SMS to your target audience, you must procure GSM hardware and mobile services. With the advent of the SMPP protocol, these prerequisites are simply discarded. On the contrary, conventional hardware is replaced with smart internet protocols such as TCP/IP. Under the banner of this protocol, SMPP services follow a client-server model.

In this model, the business application works as a client-side entity whereas SMPP servers prove to be server-side entities. If the former entity wishes to send/receive messages, it establishes a session with the latter entity and thereby builds a virtual path for message trans-reception. These actions are classified under 4 steps. Let us take a brief look at the operations involved in sending bulk messages using this protocol.

Operations involved in bulk SMS via SMPP protocol

  • Session management

Secure message transmission is a major aspect of SMS communication. To enable secure and authenticated data transmission, the first operation performed is session establishment between ESME and mobile unit.

On technical grounds, ESME sends a digital session request to MC using SMPP server gateway API. Once this request is received at the server-end, the latter unit responds it by reverting with an acknowledgment tag and the session is established. A similar process takes place for session termination. Needless to say, data transmission can take place only when this session is active.

  • MT message transmission

Once the session is established, the business application can transmit data or short messages to the server gateway via digital encryption. Since these messages are made to be received by the end mobile users, they are known as mobile terminated (MT) bulk SMS.

  • MO message transmission

In this operation, the business application can receive response messages from the SMPP server. Just as the name indicates, Mobile Originated (MO) SMS are drafted at the user side and are destined to be received at the business end and thus referred to as MO bulk SMS.

  • Message delivery

Message delivery is often known as the transitory operation used by many SMPP server provider in India to execute bulk SMS marketing effectively. In the above-two operations, the Mobile center (or MC) acts as a link between the source and the destination ports. Therefore all messages are transmitted between these ports via MCs.

Once any broadcasting data is received by the MC, it is this step where it broadcasts the data to the destination address.

SMPP service providers across India utilize the above-mentioned operations to help your business to send/receive bulk SMS to/from millions of your desired target customers quickly in an effective manner.

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